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We have several of our products available for demonstration. We are happy to provide a free demonstration on one of the instrument for new customers to help determine if the system is right for your application. If you'd like to request a free demo, please complete the form below:

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Micro-CT of a Wax-coated Paper Cup

Click here see a 3-D video of a wax-coated paper cup Why Scan a Cup? Years ago, communal glass cups were used at public drinking fountains, causing deadly diseases to spread more easily. To prevent the sharing of germs, a lawyer by the name of Lawrence Luellen thought of creating a single-use …

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Micro-CT of a Mouse Mandible

  Click here see a 3-D video of the mouse tooth and jawbone Why Segment Samples? If your region of interest in a sample is composed of a material of different density than what surrounds it, Micro-CT segmentation offers a way to virtually segment it, without breaking the sample. Using our CTAnalyzer …

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Micro-CT image of a Mouse Heart

Micro-CT of a Stained Mouse Heart

Unravelling the intricacies of the heart is an ongoing process for researchers, and micro-CT imaging adds to our understanding of heart tissue. As one looks at the heart it seems to be made of complex muscle fibers and interactions that can appear quite confusing. Yet, if we image the heart with micro-CT …

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Keep Warm! Micro-CT of Foam Insulation

Winter is here and the colder temperatures are likely raising your heating bills, as heating and cooling are said to account for 50-70% of energy bills.1 Ensuring that you have adequate insulation throughout your house, including your floors, walls, and ceilings, will decrease the amount of energy needed for heating and help …

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Micro-CT of a D-Cell Battery

How Batteries Work Alkaline batteries—portable, self-contained, chemical power packs that give us a steady supply of electrical energy wherever we need it—power our mobile world, from disposable cameras to portable CD players and incandescent flashlights. The makeup of batteries has changed slightly over the years, but the concept of dry cell batteries …

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Biomimicry – The Burr and the Invention of Velcro

  Figure 1. Biomimicry of a burr (Left) for the invention of Velcro (Right). Nature has had billions of years to refine itself and develop a plethora of unique structures and functions. Scientists and engineers use what nature shows us to develop some of the most innovative technologies, such as a seahorse …

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Micro-CT for Insect Inspection: Cicada ~ Analysis of Its Anatomy

VIEW our Micro-CT Video of a Cicada!   The Quintessential Sound of Cicadas Heard from the front porch, garden swing, or evening walk, the song of the cicada is the sound of summer. The sounds are from male cicadas, and are part of their mating ritual to attract females. Several species of cicada may …

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SkyScan 1173 from Micro Photonics being used to digitize all species of fish

With more than 25,000 species identified worldwide, fish demonstrate more species diversity than all other kinds of vertebrates. A unique project using a SkyScan 1173 Micro-CT Scanner from Micro Photonics is changing the way scientists, teachers, students, and amateur ichthyologists will be able to study any fish from around the globe. This …

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Micro-CT for Insect Inspection: Bumble Bee ~ Analysis of Flight

Borrowing ideas from nature to improve methods of flight Flight has fascinated mankind from early attempts at flight and the Wright Flyer to today’s supersonic jets and the ever-increasing use of drones. Many universities as well as the government are working on flight methods that more closely resemble the flight of birds …

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Plesiosaur Vertebra– The Backyard Fossil

At some point, every child becomes fascinated with dinosaurs, with their larger than life size and epic battles between predators (at least in the movies).  Those same children probably dream about trekking through the desert to find a dinosaur buried in the ground.  Well, for one such boy that dream came true…in …

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