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SkyScan 1173 from Micro Photonics being used to digitize all species of fish

With more than 25,000 species identified worldwide, fish demonstrate more species diversity than all other kinds of vertebrates. A unique project using a SkyScan 1173 Micto-CT Scanner from Micro Photonics is changing the way scientists, teachers, students, and amateur ichthyologists will be able to study any fish from around the globe. This …

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Micro-CT for Insect Inspection: Bumble Bee ~ Analysis of Flight

Borrowing ideas from nature to improve methods of flight Flight has fascinated mankind from early attempts at flight and the Wright Flyer to today’s supersonic jets and the ever-increasing use of drones. Many universities as well as the government are working on flight methods that more closely resemble the flight of birds …

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Plesiosaur Vertebra– The Backyard Fossil

At some point, every child becomes fascinated with dinosaurs, with their larger than life size and epic battles between predators (at least in the movies).  Those same children probably dream about trekking through the desert to find a dinosaur buried in the ground.  Well for one such boy, that dream came true…in …

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Clogged Spray Nozzle

As you sit in front of the hair stylist or barber, they may pull out a spray bottle to apply product for your stylish new look. Occasionally, the sprayer will just stop working, leaving the stylist frustrated? We found a bottle that wasn’t working and were curious to see what might be …

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A Water Filter and the Watershed Model

          All of us expect the water we drink to be crystal clear and clean. Some people even go to the extent to using filtering methods to further clean our tap water. As the residents of Flint Michigan and other areas know, the use of a proper filtration …

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Sandpaper – Virtual Sanding

Spring is coming and it is time to get the tools out of the shed to build, repair, or fix things. One tool that many of us use during the next few months is sandpaper. Whether that old bench outside needs sanding or some copper pipes need cleaning before adding fittings, sandpaper …

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0116 DataViewer Tooth 3D


Dental Micro-CT We are glad to have worked in collaboration with Dr. Gregory Jacobs to provide micro-CT images for 3D printing and educational purposes in the dental field. Using the SkyScan 1172 scanner along with our visualization suite we were able to create virtual 2D and 3D images. Our lab capabilities include …

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Have you ever heard of the Yellowstone Supervolcano?

Micro-CT for Geology   Remember in 2012 when the Yellowstone Supervolcano was supposed to erupt into an epic global catastrophe?  Thankfully, that did not happen, but now Yellowstone is making the news again.  Scientists are saying that the Earth is now in a “volcano season”, and are predicting a supervolcano eruption!  We …

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1115 iom_leaf_tumors_23um_3D_Color

Have you got the gall?

Could it be that green mutations are not limited to The Hulk? Plant tumors are caused by insect infestation, bacteria, fungi, or viruses. In animals a tumor is defined as uncontrollable cellular division, generally due to DNA mutation. When localized and harmless, the abnormal growth (neoplasia) is referred to as a benign …

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A Hop Toward Oktoberfest

      Image of the Month: Hops Flower   Over 7 million liters of beer are consumed, endless parades are held, delicious specialty foods are consumed, and traditional lederhosen are worn; these are only a few highlights of Oktoberfest, one of the world’s largest festivals. Originating in Bavaria, Germany, the festival also …

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