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    Micro-CT of a Laptop Computer

    New Multiscale X-ray Nano-CT Generates Unprecedented, Ultra-High Resolution Images for Larger Objects

    Imagine the widest range of object sizes and spatial resolutions in one single micro-CT system! The Bruker SkyScan 2214 is a new multi-scale nano-CT instrument with a large field of view for scanning larger objects at ultra-high resolution. It opens unique possibilities for 3D imaging and exact modeling for electronic assemblies such as the laptop computer shown above, geological materials in oil and gas exploration, composite materials, Li batteries and fuel cells, as well as for ex-vivo preclinical applications, as in lung imaging or tumor vascularization.

    The instrument allows scanning and 3D non-destructive reconstruction of internal microstructure of objects as large as >300mm in diameter as well submicron resolution for small samples. The world’s fastest hierarchical 3D reconstruction software speeds-up the imaging process of an object’s internal microstructure 10-100 times compared to traditionally used algorithms or GPU-accelerated reconstruction. The 2214 also offers an innovative modulator design with up to four camera detectors. This special feature allows customers to choose the appropriate camera based on their specific applications. The instrument is an oil-free system and requires minimal cleaning.


    Fig. 2: SkyScan 2214

    Fig. 3: SkyScan 2214 is low maintenance and easy to use



    The SKYSCAN 2214 can be equipped with up to four X-ray cameras for ultimate flexibility: three CCD cameras with different resolution and field of view and one large-area flat panel detector. All cameras can be selected with a single mouse click. The different CCD cameras can be retro-fitted at any point of time during the system’s lifetime. All three CCDs can take images in the central beam position and in two offset positions to double the field of view. The images in the two offset positions are automatically stitched together with compensation of the shifts and possible intensity differences.


    Fig. 4: SkyScan 2214 can have up to four detectors

    High magnification for small and large objects

    Using CCD detectors with small pixel size allows extension of high-resolution imaging and 3D reconstruction to large objects. The built-in detector flexibility enables adjusting the field of view and spatial resolution according to the object size and density. An advanced reconstruction from a volume of interest provides scanning of a selected part of a large object with high resolution without compromising image quality. Additionally, the field of view can be increased horizontally and vertically by using offset camera positions and vertical object movement.


    Fig. 5: SkyScan magnification options for small and larger objects

    Micro-CT example scans from the SkyScan 2214:


    Fig. 6: Lithium-ion battery scanned on SkyScan 2214 at 900 nm voxel size. Volume rendered 3D model with virtual cut.

    Fig. 7: CFRP (carbon-fiber reinforced polymer) scanned on a SkyScan 2214, 480nm resolution, 4Kx4K slice

    Fig. 8: Shale scanned on a SkyScan 2214 at 6.2 μm voxel size. Volume rendered 3D model with color coded local thickness of the pores.

    Fig. 9: Lung scanned on SkyScan 2214 at 3μm voxel size. Volume rendered 3D model with virtual cut.


    Fig. 10: Wood scanned on a SkyScan 2214 at 600nm resolution, 4Kx4K slice


    The full range of Bruker-microCT software is supplied, including fast volumetric reconstruction, software for 2D/ 3D quantitative analysis and for realistic 3D visualization. Supplied software also includes volume rendering and easy creation of realistic movies with the possibility for virtual flight around and inside the reconstructed object’s microstructure. Reconstruction results can be sent to iPad, iPhone or Android devices. Special software for mobile platforms performs volume rendering and virtual cut of objects with touch screen gesture controls.


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    These scans were completed on a Bruker SkyScan 2214 Nano-CT  system at the Bruker laboratory in Belgium.

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