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    Micro-CT for Imaging an Automobile Part

    New High-Capacity 3D X-ray Microscopy Generates Excellent Image Quality in Just Seconds

    Now it is possible to scan larger, dense objects with a desktop micro-CT instrument, obtaining excellent image quality in as little as 12 seconds. Bruker’s new SkyScan 1273 handles objects up to 500 mm length, 300 mm diameter, and a maximum weight of 20 kg. The high-energy X-ray source running at high power, combined with a large format flat-panel detector with ultimate sensitivity and speed, provides superior images in just a few seconds, which is orders of magnitude faster than previous systems!

    Major applications for the SkyScan 1273 benchtop 3D X-ray microscope include manufacturing; geology, including oil and gas exploration; and bone. The instrument requires minimum lab space, is easy to start running, and virtually maintenance-free. Consequently, the SkyScan 1273 micro-CT offers high system uptime with low cost of ownership.

    Fig. 2: SkyScan 1273 High-Energy Desktop Micro-CT

    Micro-CT example scans from the SkyScan 1273

    Fig. 3: 3D volume rendered additive manufactured part (3D printing), 3072 x 3072 x 1217 pixels, 34 µm isotropic resolution

    Fig. 4: 3D volume rendered 200 mm long carbonate drill core, front left corner virtually removed, 3072 x 3072 x 9783 pixels, 13 µm isotropic resolution

    Fig. 5: Sheep bone 60 mm in size with 2 titanium implants, 5 mm in diameter


    The full range of Bruker-microCT software is supplied, including fast volumetric reconstruction, software for 2D/ 3D quantitative analysis and for realistic 3D visualization. Supplied software also includes volume rendering and easy creation of realistic movies with the possibility for virtual flight around and inside the reconstructed object’s microstructure. Reconstruction results can be sent to iPad, iPhone or Android devices. Special software for mobile platforms performs volume rendering and virtual cut of objects with touchscreen gesture controls.


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    These scans were completed on a Bruker SkyScan 1273 micro-CT system at the Bruker laboratory in Belgium.

    For more information on Bruker SkyScan Micro-CT Instruments:

     SkyScan 1273 Overview


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