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SkyScan 1172 MicroCT

How much does a Micro-CT scanner cost?

  • 8 April, 2015
  • microphotonics-admin
  • Micro-CT

How Much Does A Micro-CT Scanner Cost? One of the first questions customers ask us is How much is a micro-CT scanner? The

Figure 1 Mouse Mandible

Micro-CT of a Mouse Mandible

  Click here see a 3-D video of the mouse tooth and jawbone Why Segment Samples? If your region of interest in a

What is a roughness tester?

Why we measure roughness Surface roughness is an important parameter used to determine the suitability of a surface for a particular purpose. The

Micro Photonics and Tribotron Partner to Provide Hand Abrasion Testing Instrumentation

Micro Photonics, Inc. and Tribotron, AG, Partner to Provide Hand Abrasion Testing Instrumentation Offering superior instrumentation for testing lab samples or finished products

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