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    Micro-CT Inspection of Yeast-Leavened Pizza Dough

    Figure 1: Volumetric rendering of yeast dough sample Density in bread and other porous foods is difficult to measure accurately, with true, apparent, and bulk being different types of densities based on how volume is measured. Predicting food density based on composition and processing conditions allows researchers to fill gaps in nutrient …

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    Micro-CT Applications for the Food Industry

    Micro-CT Examination of Sardines Packed in Oil The food processing and manufacturing industry utilizes micro-CT analysis in several ways, from studying the distribution of ingredients within products to inspecting finished packaging for foreign materials and checking product distribution within the packaging. Further, micro-CT allows researchers to study intact internal microstructure data non-invasively, …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of Poultry Bones

    Micro-CT imaging is used to assess trabecular and cortical bone morphology, allowing researchers to measure bone microarchitecture without relying on stereologic models. Researchers can non-destructively acquire the three-dimensional architecture of bone from any site within a small animal. The sample remains intact, allowing researchers to follow up with genetic and histological analysis. …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

    Figure 1: Photograph of known (left) and questioned (right) capsules Pharmaceutical counterfeits impact the intellectual property of the originator of the drug but also undermine the safety of the public. Because counterfeit drugs often contain only small amounts of the active ingredient, they can abate some symptoms but not fully cure or …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Concrete Analysis

    X-ray computed tomography characterisation of concrete, taken from a video showing the data processing that can be applied to X-ray computed tomography data obtained from concrete specimens. Credit: Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging facility, Manchester, U.K X-ray computed tomography characterisation of concrete ABSTRACT This video and related article demonstrate the effectiveness of the …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of Insect Flight Muscles

    Micro-CT imaging allows researchers to visualize both the internal and external features of an object without destroying the specimen, which makes this technique ideal for digitizing chemically-dried insect specimens. With micro-CT, valuable natural history collections can now be digitized while preserving the original objects. Micro-CT allows for high resolution examination of insect …

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    Micro Photonics Sales Experience Survey

    Thank you for purchasing a Micro-CT system from Micro Photonics. We hope the instrument will be able to help you advance your research. In order to improve the experience for future groups, we would like to learn more about your sales experience. Please click the button below to start the survey. Thank …

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    Micro Photonics Installation and Training Survey

    Thank you for attending the training session on the Micro-CT system by an Applications Engineer from Micro Photonics.  We hope the instrument will be able to help you advance your research. In order to improve the training for future groups, we would like to learn more about your training experience.  Click the …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Product Development

    3D Micro-CT scan of a polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) film used as an excipient for the formulation of active agents in drug delivery systems. Credit; “Micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT) Analysis as a New Approach for Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems”, Kılıçarslan, Müge, et al, Micro-computed Tomography (micro-CT) in Medicine and Engineering. Springer, Cham, 26 …

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    Customer Feature: Micro-CT for Personal Hygiene Product Development

    Micro-CT has been found to be an effective tool for studying and contributing to improvements of consumer hygiene products such as tampons.  Tampons are typically made up of fibrous materials, including rayon and other natural and/or polymeric fibers, and are a key product in the world of women’s health and hygiene. The …

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