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    Micro-CT Imaging of Samples Under Mechanical Load

    Figure 1: 3D Printed Support Structures After Mechanical Load Testing  As an accessory to the SkyScan instrumentation suite, Bruker offers several interesting accessories that can further support your research goals. In addition to accessory stages for cooling or heating of thermally conductive samples, Bruker has a range of mechanical testing stages for compression or tension testing of …

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    Micro-CT Imaging of a Triggerfish

    Figure 1: Micro-CT volumetric rendering of a triggerfish imaged using the SkyScan 1273 To best match the wide range of sample sizes encountered in cataloging natural specimens, the SkyScan 1273 was used for this work to examine a small triggerfish as part of a larger subset of samples. The SkyScan 1273 accommodates …

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    X-ray Microscopic Imaging of a Chemically Dried Cicada

    Figure 1: Volumetric rendering of a chemically dried cicada imaged using the SkyScan 1275  The Importance of Sample Preparation With a large emergence of the local cicada population along the East coast predicted this year, we decided to re-visit a past specimen and once again examine a cicada with our image of the …

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    X-ray Microscopic Studies in Biomimicry

    Structure of cuttlefish bone in 3D, field of view here is roughly 0.5 mm. This structure is extremely lightweight while maintaining good strength and structural integrity despite the pressures exerted on it during deep dives of the cuttlefish. “Looking deep into nature: A review of micro-computed tomography in biomimicry, CT Scanner Facility, Stellenbosch …

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    X-ray Microscopic Comparison of Shark Denticles

    Figure 1: Photograph of 3D printed shark denticles extracted from micro-CT imaging data  Biomimicry of Shark Denticles Although it is commonly known that most fish species have scales, it may be less widely known that shark skin goes one step further with the presence of denticles more like teeth than traditional scales. While …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Inspection of Manufactured Parts

    3D reconstruction of a battery pouch cell in its fresh state (a); 3D reconstruction showing the pouch cell after overcharge-induced thermal runaway (b). Source: Investigating lithium-ion battery materials during overcharge-induced thermal runaway: an operando and multi-scale X-ray CT study, Finegan, Donal P. et al, 2016. Microcomputed tomography–based characterization of advanced materials: a …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of an Electronic Cigarette

    Figure 1: Volumetric rendering of e-cigarette device E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat a special liquid to produce an aerosol that users inhale. They come in a range of shapes, with some looking like USB drives and others looking like pens. Marketed as tools for quitting or cutting down on smoking, the …

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    Micro-CT Inspection of Yeast-Leavened Pizza Dough

    Figure 1: Volumetric rendering of yeast dough sample Density in bread and other porous foods is difficult to measure accurately, with true, apparent, and bulk being different types of densities based on how volume is measured. Predicting food density based on composition and processing conditions allows researchers to fill gaps in nutrient …

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    Micro-CT Applications for the Food Industry

    Micro-CT Examination of Sardines Packed in Oil The food processing and manufacturing industry utilizes micro-CT analysis in several ways, from studying the distribution of ingredients within products to inspecting finished packaging for foreign materials and checking product distribution within the packaging. Further, micro-CT allows researchers to study intact internal microstructure data non-invasively, …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of Poultry Bones

    Micro-CT imaging is used to assess trabecular and cortical bone morphology, allowing researchers to measure bone microarchitecture without relying on stereologic models. Researchers can non-destructively acquire the three-dimensional architecture of bone from any site within a small animal. The sample remains intact, allowing researchers to follow up with genetic and histological analysis. …

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