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We have several of our products available for demonstration. We are happy to provide a free demonstration on one of the instruments for new customers to help determine if the system is right for your application. If you'd like to request a free demo, please complete the form below:

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Micro Photonics Sales Experience Survey

Thank you for purchasing a Micro-CT system from Micro Photonics. We hope the instrument will be able to help you advance your research. In order to improve the experience for future groups, we would like to learn more about your sales experience. Please click the button below to start the survey. Thank …

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Micro Photonics Installation and Training Survey

Thank you for attending the training session on the Micro-CT system by an Applications Engineer from Micro Photonics.  We hope the instrument will be able to help you advance your research. In order to improve the training for future groups, we would like to learn more about your training experience.  Click the …

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Micro-CT Applications for Product Development

3D Micro-CT scan of a polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) film used as an excipient for the formulation of active agents in drug delivery systems. Credit; “Micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT) Analysis as a New Approach for Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems”, Kılıçarslan, Müge, et al, Micro-computed Tomography (micro-CT) in Medicine and Engineering. Springer, Cham, 26 …

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Customer Feature: Micro-CT for Personal Hygiene Product Development

Micro-CT has been found to be an effective tool for studying and contributing to improvements of consumer hygiene products such as tampons.  Tampons are typically made up of fibrous materials, including rayon and other natural and/or polymeric fibers, and are a key product in the world of women’s health and hygiene. The …

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Micro-CT Examination of a Tree Mushroom

Polypores are a group of fleshy fungi with pores or tubes underneath. Taxonomically, the polypores are complicated and not completely understood, with an amazing amount of morphological diversity. While many can be identified by their macro features and the host tree they are attached to, if a mushroom grows on a large …

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3-D reconstructions and visualizations based on micro-CT imagery of a Hericium coralloides basidioma sample. A.Fixed and critical-point dried sample. Three histo-anatomical features can be recognized on the optical image (Pallua et al.2014): basal branch (1), side branches (2), and end branch structures (3). B. 3-D surface rendered image of the micro-CT-dataset processed by a connected component algorithm to ignore irrelevant structure such as small pieces caused by the inherent image noise. C. 3-D surface rendered image of the spatial thickness distribution (0–357mm). Credit: Pallua, Johannes D., et al, Mycologia, 20 Jan 2017.

Micro-CT Buyer’s Guide

Please download your Micro-CT Buyer’s Guide (Updated May 2020): Micro-CT-Buyers Guide_051020

Staff Selections: Favorites from our Image of the Month Collection, handpicked by Micro Photonics’ staff.

Micro-CT Imaging of Shark Teeth Figure 1: 3D rendered interior cut view of a shark tooth (top) and megalodon tooth halve (bottom) This comparison of a modern shark tooth compared to that of a fossilized megalodon (giant extinct shark) is my favorite project. It highlights how useful X-ray computed tomography can be …

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X-ray Microscopy of Paper Currency Security Features

As Economic Impact Payments released by Congress in response to the current global pandemic begin rolling out across the country, we focused our imaging on paper currency and the many layers of security built into our paper notes. From special inks, textures, materials, and embedded components, the Treasury Department incorporates many security …

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How to Restart Your System

When you are preparing to return to normal operation, there are a few key things to keep in mind to help you make a smooth transition. First, clean off any coverings you may have placed on the instrument during inactivity. The instrument has vents in multiple locations and all need to be …

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