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    Cool Ice particles on Car Windshield

    • 24 November, 2014
    • microphotonics-admin
    • Micro-CT

    We have done some micro-CT studies of ice in the past but when I went to start my car one morning, I saw some interesting ice crystals on my windshield.  It was really windy so I am guessing that a water droplet got blown around on the glass but the remarkable thing is the straightness of the lines.  I wouldn’t have thought this would be natural.  There were three different parts of the windshield as well.  Only one are came out well in the pictures.



    I wish I could have saved some for scanning. It would have been a nice compliment to our February post of the science of snow.

    If you have an idea of why they are so straight, feel free to add them in the comments.



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