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    Winter Olympics and the Science Of Snow

    Winter Olympics and The Science of Snow

    Micro Photonics – Allentown PA – Feb 7, 2014

    Snow flakes-Baker

    (image from Chen, Baker – link to paper below)

    At Micro Photonics, we have been avidly watching the  Winter Olympics and we certainly have been getting a lot of snow and ice this year so we thought we would send along some interesting articles on the science of studying snow and ice.  Some of it was done using the Bruker x-ray micro-CTs in cold rooms. Here is a video done by NBC on snow science and below are links to some papers done by our users on snow / ice. Something interesting to think about as you watch the final moments in Sochi!

    yuan et al 2010 (snow elastic properties)

    srivastava et al 2010 (snow temperature metamorphosis)

    chen and baker (Argonne and Dartmouth)

    lomonaco et al 2008 (firn SEM-uCT)

    freitag et al 2008 (antarctic slideshow)

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