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    Opening Day for Baseball

    For the opening week of baseball, I would like to share two videos from baseballs we have scanned.  One is a ball from a major league game, the other, one of my son’s friends brought in to scan for a school project.  I was surprised by the differences between the two, especially in the core of the baseballs, and also how out of round both were after being used in a game.  The major league ball had only been hit once but was noticeable egg shaped (may not come through in the video).  I was also also impressed by how easily the two ten year old boys picked up the use of the system and the software.  After showing them how to run two scans they were both able to scan a sample, reconstruct it and make their own video from the scan.

    I’d be interested in scanning some older baseballs to see what the difference between modern baseballs and those from the ‘deadball’ era.  Just in case anyone has some older baseballs.

    MLB Baseball

    Little League Style Baseball

    Tim Sledz

    Micro Photonics

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