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    Launch of the Skyscan 1272 Bruker Micro-CT by Micro Photonics

    Micro Photonics, Allentown PA Announces the Release of Skyscan 1272 Micro-CT

    The SkyScan 1272 can come with a state-of-the-art 16 position sample changer
    Allentown PA November 12, 2013 – Micro Photonics, Inc., the leading source of advanced instrumentation for scientific and industrial research, announced today the release of the SkyScan-1272 Micro-CT. The SkyScan 1272 represents a new generation of bench top Micro-CT from Bruker MicroCT, featuring for the very first time a 16 position sample changer.

    This advanced system uses newly developed 14-bit large format detectors and a maintenance-free microfocus X-ray source adjustable up to 100kV with 5 filters for selecting different energy spectra. The Skyscan 1272 can deliver up to 14450×14450 pixels (209 Megapixel) in each of the more than 2600 slices capture in a single scan and can stitch multiple scans together for even longer field of views. With the added phase contrast enhancement the detail detectability is 0.35um. The maximum object diameter is 75mm. An optional 16-position automatic sample changer allows for the adding, removing and replacing of samples without interrupting the scanning process. LEDs next to each sample position inform the user if the sample has been scanned or if it is in queue. The control software makes sure the sample is in the field of view and automatically optimizes the magnification and individual scanning protocol for every sample from the changer. A 5 megapixel visual camera shows you the sample during scanning and also records an image with the dataset. The system can even email you when the scan is completed. The new GPU-optimized NRECON software allows for the fastest reconstructions of large format images. Once the data is reconstructed you can view it on your computer or export it to you iPad or iPhone.

    Micro Photonics, Inc., has been partnering up with universities, research facilities and companies throughout the United States for micro-CT, x-ray imaging, and laboratory services since 1992.

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