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    TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester

    TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester : Testing the wear resistance of human hand abrasion

    The functionality of a product is taken for granted at the time of purchase, but the visual appearance over time is how consumers will judge the quality of the product during its lifetime. Therefore, the durability and ability to resist wear and tear during normal use affects the overall impression of product quality. Damage to surfaces, either printed, coated, or relief structures, are some of the main reasons for a consumer’s perception of poor quality, often independent of the actually functionality.

    Controlled Hand Abrasion Testing

    The TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester is designed to test lab samples and finished products under real life conditions by incorporating both the mechanical and chemical stresses from finger / hand abrasion suggested by international testing standards. While the TRIBOTOUCH by default is set up to exactly reproduce the complex bio-mechanical system of finger abrasion from these standards, the machine is uniquely capable of varying the applied pressure or chemical parameters to stress a product under different conditions. The flexibility of this design allows one instrument to be suitable for multiple user-defined conditions.

    The motion of the piston (artificial finger) is electronically controlled to simulate product wear. Unlike other, less refined systems which use a pneumatic cylinder which can wear over time leading to varing results, the TRIBOTOUCH uses a linear motor to ensure precise application of pressure every time, over the lifetime of the machine. The high quality of the components used to build the TRIBOTOUCH guarantees the machine will be highly reliable with low maintenance for years to come.

    Hand Abrasion Tester Demostration


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    Technical Data

    Normal Load: 1, 5, 10 N (20N optional)
    Friction path: 1-40mm
    Number of cycles: 1-100 million
    Fluid feed: cyclic
    Fabric feed: cyclic
    Power supply: 110V

    Testing Standards

    International Norm: EC 68-2-70
    European Norm: EN 60068-2-70
    German Norm: DIN 60068-2-70
    Abrasion of markings and lettering caused by rubbing of fingers and hands

    Mechanical options

    Standard fabric
    Simulation of human skin acc.
    ISO 12947-1/IEC 68-2-70

    Dirt affinity
    Simulation of soiling of materials.
    Cotton soiled with carbon back/oil (IEC).

    Abrasion of leather
    Simulation of rub resistance of leather.
    Standard wool felt.

    Abrasion Pads
    Simulation of high-abrasive mechanical wear.

    Abrastion Pad ‚Scotch test
    Simulation of abrasion with Scotch pads.

    More options on request.

    Chemical options

    Synthetic Sweat
    Synthetic Sweat according to DIN ISO 9022-12
    Synthetic Sweat according to DIN EN 60068-2-70
    Synthetic Sweat according to DIN ISO 105-E04
    Synthetic Sweat according to DIN 53160-2
    Synthetic Sweat according to company standards (BMW, VW, Daimler)

    Hand cream / Sun lotion
    Hand cream and Sun lotion according to customer specification.

    More options on request.

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