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    Micro-CT Evaluation and Testing Laboratory

    micro-CT Lab Panorama

    Micro Photonics in-house Micro-CT Laboratory

    Do you need quality micro-CT results but don’t have an instrument at your facility? Micro Photonics is proud to share our wealth of experience in micro-CT imaging and analysis through the operation of our own Evaluation and Testing Laboratory within our offices in Allentown, PA. We pride ourselves on our ability to quickly answer your scientific questions with standard turnaround times for most projects within two weeks of samples arriving in the laboratory. As a small company, we have the flexibility to efficiently move through legal agreements to prevent unnecessary delays to your work while still providing the level of security you need for sensitive projects. Within our team, we have experts on materials science, consumer foods and packaging, bone morphometry, and geology ready to provide insight into the benefits micro-CT testing could provide to your work.

    Options for testing services

    We offer different levels of testing services tailored to meet the needs of your project. Our simplest and fastest option is standard imaging of your sample. This process includes selecting the appropriate instrument and conditions to capture the details you need to obtain from the data. At the end of the work, you will receive an image stack of the reconstructed images showing the full imaging results along with complimentary copies of our 2D (DataViewer) and 3D (CTVox) visualization programs for 64-bit PC to allow you to review the results with your team and capture stunning images suitable for publications or presentations. Some industries which commonly utilize this level of service are pharmaceutical packaging, consumer packaging, and artifact examination.

    Volumetric analysis

    Through our laboratory we also offer volumetric analysis as an additional service along with our imaging to help draw out more information from your image data. We have standard procedures available for porosity analysis, bone histomorphology, and structure thickness interpretation suitable for work with additive manufacturing, bone studies, materials science, and product development. This service requires an initial conversation with someone on our team to define the goals of the analysis to allow us to best determine the most appropriate analysis services to bundle with your imaging.

    As a leading provider of micro-CT imaging and interpretation in the United States, we maintain connections to several specialized partners we are happy to introduce you to for projects which require complex analysis or advanced segmentation machine learning algorithms to help you find the most complete answers to your professional queries.

    Talk with Seth Hogg, PhD, our Laboratory Manager

    Seth manages our day-to-day micro-CT scanning services, and is our key contact for customers seeking support with micro-CT instruments in their own labs, providing help with using the SkyScan software as well as responding to some queries regarding hardware. Seth has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Michigan State University, with a focus on polymer coatings for membranes, particularly those used for water purification. His experience in the last few years in our lab has made him familiar with many applications for micro-CT.

    Feel free to email Seth: If needed, a phone call can be scheduled.

    Bottlenecked Lab Resources? Consider Outsourcing 

    Expand your lab capacity and capability by entrusting samples to our micro-CT experts. For more information on the benefits of lab outsourcing, READ MORE in this brief article from Medical Product Outsourcing (MPO) magazine.

    Explore How Micro-CT Works With Your Application or Sample(s)

    In many cases, we offer a FREE EVALUATION SCAN to see how micro-CT works with your application.

    Our Lab Systems and Applications:

    SkyScan 1272 SkyScan 1273 Skycan 1275
    SkyScan 1272  SkyScan 1273  SkyScan 1275 
    Applications* Applications* Applications*
    Plastics, bone, paper, electronics, organic material, composites, biological tissue 3D printed metal, plastic parts, medical devices, insects, geological materials Bone, aerospace composites, geological cores, electronic parts, medical impants
    Smallest Voxel Size Smallest Voxel Size Smallest Voxel Size
    .35µm 3.0µm 4µm
    Maximum Sample Diameter in FOV Maximum Sample Diameter in FOV Maximum Sample Diameter in FOV
    70 mm
    (3 offset positions)
    250 mm 96 mm

    *Please discuss your samples with one of our engineers by calling (610) 366-7103 to determine the best system for your application.

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