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    Products and surfaces show signs of wear when they are used by consumers. If this happens too quickly the usefulness of the product and the perceived quality is diminished. The TRIBOTOUCH can help you make a better material and product before it gets to market. By reproducing the abrasive affects of a human hand combined with chemical interaction of sweat, makeup, lotion, and other products, the TRIBOTOUCH simulates years of use quickly and easily.

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    Learn about applications for the TRIBOTOUCH Hand abrasion tester.  Finished products or sample materials can be tested with the instrument to check their resistance to wear from a person's touch.

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    TRIBOTOUCH hand abrasion tester

    TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester

    TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester: The sliding of one’s finger against a surface gives the best bio-mechanical feedback when interacting with objects around us. When touching a surface, a finger performs a mechanical strike, followed by a push-slide motion. In addition to the mechanical wear of the surface; sweat, body oils, and/or consumer care products on the skin can chemically react with products’ surfaces, promoting further degradation. This combination of both mechanical and chemical forces can be tested with the TRIBOTOUCH.Learn More

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