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    Valved RF Crackers for Atomic Beam Epitaxy

    Valved Rf Crackers for Atomic Beam Epitaxy with S, Se, Sb, Te, As, P

    Valved Rf Crackers for Atomic Beam Epitaxy with S, Se, Sb, Te, As, P.

    Most group V and VI elements evaporate as unreactive polymeric species. Thermal Pre-dissociation at temperatures (<1500 C) results in reactive dimers, e.g. P2, As2, Te2. Dissociation to the most reactive atomic species, S, Sb, As, etc, can be achieved by passing the vapor through an intense plasma discharge. The very high reactivity of atomic species reduces feedstock inventory and chamber wastage.  Additionally the use of a fast acting valve, located at the cracker head, allows rapid control of the atomic flux over a wide dynamic range. The all quartz RF valved crackers from Oxford Applied Research with patented, field proven in-line control valve, integrated into our RF magnetic-multipole plasma source (500 plus units in MBE systems worldwide), provide an advanced tool for MBE users.

    [caption id="attachment_1851" align="alignright" width="419"]Manual Valve Operation Sub-second manual flux changes. Notice flux consistency and no overshoot.[/caption]


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    • High Purity Quartz (no metal)
    • Feedstock Capacity – 200/500cc
    • K-cell temperature – 700 degree C (max)
    • Valve Dynamic Range – >100:1
    • Dissociation efficiency – >90%
    • Beam Diameter – 23mm at source exit
    • Discharge Chamber – high purity quartz
    • Flange Mount – NW100CF
    • Bakeout (UHV compatible) – to 250 degree C
    • Automatic Tuning
    • Optical Emission Detector
    • Plasma Controller
    • Servo-controlled Valve
    • Full Computer Control

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