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    Nanocluster Deposition System

    The High Quality Nanocluster Deposition System from Oxford Applied Research.

    The Nanocluster Deposition System from Oxford Appiled Research can handle the metallic, magnetic and semiconducting nanostructures that you need. It can easily handle a large variety of applications, along with Compound clusters and Catalytic materials.  With the gas condensation nanocluster sources, a high-mass quadrupole and an energetic cluster impact, the Oxford Applied Research Complete Nanocluster Deposition System is the solution for your <1nm ~ 10nm cluster deposition needs.

    • Metallic, magnetic and semiconducting nanostructures
    • Compound clusters
    • Catalytic materials
    • Energetic cluster impact
    • Gas condesation nanocluster sources
    • High-mass quadrupole
    • Complete Nanocluster Deposition Systems!

    Contact Micro Photonics for more information at 610-366-7103 or

    • Metallic, Magnetic and Semiconducting Nanostructures
    • Compound clusters
    • Catalytic materials
    • Energetic cluster impact
    • <1nm ~ 10nm clusters
    • Gas condensation nanocluster sources
    • High mass quadrupole
    • Complete Nanocluster Deposition System

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