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    Ion Sources

    The High Quality Ion Sources from Oxford Applied Research

    Quality in design and build. Oxford Applied Research offers a line of RF Ion Sources, DC Ion Sources, Ion Cleaning Guns (Low energy) and a Mini Low Cost Ion Source. Each is well-designed to be the highest quality to handle the needs of research.

    RF Ion Sources

    When minimum contamination is required for ion-beam etching, sputter deposition or assisted deposition, the Oxford Applied Research RF Ion sources are essential. The inductively-coupled discharge requires no hot cathode, and with exception of the extraction grids, takes place entirely within an ultra-pure ceramic discharge zone.  This allows for the use of reactive gases such as oxygen, hydrogen and nitrogen without the accelerated degradation of the discharge zone observed in filament based ion sources.  Available with a variety of grids to tailor the beam profile.

    DC Ion Sources

    Simple operation and servicing was in mind when the DC Ion Sources were developed as an extension of the highly successful atom sources from Oxford Applied Research.  The flange mount sources are UHV compatible and primarily for use with Argon. In addition to inert gases, the sources can also be used with O2, H2, and N.  They are highly suitable for Ion beam assisted deposition (IBAD), sputter deposition, etching, and substrate cleaning.

    With high beam current density and excellent beam profiles, the DC25 series was developed for the increasing demand for high ion currents at low energies (<20eV).

    Ion Cleaning Guns

    The LIon50 from Oxford Applied Research is a Low-Energy gas ion source that operates on the principle of electron impact ionization.  Capable of producing ion beams with energies between 30eV and 1KeV with vary narrow energy spread. The Low-Energy ion source is compatible with reactive gases including O2.  Applications including spectroscopy, e-beam neutralization and substrate cleaning.

    Mini Low Cost Ion Source

    The IG5 is a cold-cathode ion source which operates at low gas flow rates and is ideal for ion cleaning and sputtering applications. The ion beam energy is variable over 1keV-5keV, allowing a range of operating conditions.

    Ion Milling System

    A small footprint research ion milling system built with quality equipment. Water-cooled specimen holder with possibilities to tilt, rotation and bias.

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