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SkyScan 1173 Micro-CT | high energy imaging

Benchtop Micro-CT for large and dense objects

High Power Micro-CT

The SkyScan 1173 offers high energy micro-CT imaging in a 3D microtomography (micro-CT) scanner to non-destructively image both large, dense objects and low density materials. The Bruker SkyScan 1173 Micro CT system includes a newly developed 130kV microfocus X-ray source with improved stability of the focal spot position, a large format (>5Mp) flat panel sensor with special protection by lead-glass fiber-optic window for long lifetime under high-energy X-ray, a precision object manipulator for large (up to 140mm) and heavy (several kg) objects with embedded micropositioning stage.

Introduction to X-ray Microtomography (Micro-CT)

Microtomography uses a similar technique as X-ray tomography systems used in medicine (CT Scans) but with much finer resolution. Multiple 2D X-ray images are stored while either the sample or the source / detector pair is rotated. Internal structures are reconstructed as a series of 2D cross sections (up to 2240 in a single scan) which are then used to analyze the two and three dimensional morphological parameters of the object. The process is nondestructive and requires no special preparation of the specimen. For comparison, medical CT systems have pixel sizes in the range of 1mm, the Skyscan 1173 Microtomograph can acquire images with 4 micron pixel size.

The powerful imaging capabilities of X-ray tomography are now available in a range of desktop instruments suitable for microscopic imaging of small objects with a wide range of applications: 3D bone analysis, food studies, soft tissue research, insects, microelectronics, materials, geological studies and more. Specialized software (CTAn) has been developed for the analysis of Micro-CT images including bone morphometry, porosity, fractal analysis and more (see related pages).

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  • Large object scanning
  • High density objects
  • Spiral Scan capabilities
  • Continuous scanning for long objects
  • Integrated micro-positioning stage allows easy finding most optimal sample placement,
  • Scanning sample during compression, tension, heating, cooling (optional stages)
  • 2D/3D image analysis and realistic visualization
  • X-ray source
    40-130kV, 8W, <5um spot size
  • X-ray detector
    distortion-free Flat Panel sensor 2240×2240 pixels, 12 bit
  • Maximum object size
    140mm in diameter, 200mm in length (100-140mm scanning length)
  • Spatial resolution
    <4-5um detail detectability, 7-8 um low-contrast resolution
  • Reconstruction
    Single PC or cluster volumetric reconstruction (Feldkamp algorithm)
  • Optional stages
    Cooling, heating, compression / tension
  • Radiation safety
    <1µSv / h at any point on the instrument surface
  • Dimensions
    42 x 29 x 25 inches
  • Weight

For the latest releases of the SkyScan software please visit SkyScan’s website.

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