Meet the Team

Micro Photonics staff who worked on imaging and modeling the Jamestown reliquary Timothy Sledz President and Chief Operating Officer Tim Sledz was appointed President and Chief Operating Officer of Micro Photonics in January 2015, after having served as General Manager overseeing its lab for seven years. Now responsible for the vision and …

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How It Was Done

Producing Images of the Jamestown Reliquary and its Contents The silver box brought to Micro Photonics by Jamestown Rediscovery begged the question: What is inside? The box, an important historic artifact, could not be opened without risk of damage to either the box itself or its contents. To find an answer, we …

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What MicroCT Discovered

Every historical artifact holds a unique story. Perhaps it is a tale of an individual life forgotten over the centuries or insight into the cultural behavior of a long-defunct society. Forensic archaeologists have the fascinating but painstaking task of studying such artifacts, of analyzing trace amounts of evidence in a search for …

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3D Printing

3D Printing Of the Bone Fragments After scanning and virtually imaging the bone fragments and ampulla in the Jamestown reliquary, we thought, wouldn’t it be great if you could hold them in your hand, if you could touch history? We decided to make that happen through 3D printing. Over the past 30 …

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Jamestown History

Jamestown Rediscovery An Archaeological Project of Historic Jamestown, Virginia By Kaamna C. Mirchandani Historic Jamestown, Virginia is renowned as America’s birthplace and the first permanent English settlement dating back to 1607.  A charter group from London, the Virginia Company, initiated and funded by King James I, set sail to establish an English …

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