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    We have several of our products available for demonstration. We are happy to provide a free demonstration on one of the instruments for new customers to help determine if the system is right for your application. If you'd like to request a free demo, please complete the form below:

    1-866-334-4MPI (4674)

    Thoughts on Turning Points and Scientific Innovation

    Scientific research has always been global to some extent, with major contributions coming from around the world. But globalization has sped up, with increasing exchanges of ideas, research tools, and scientific collaboration, all made possible by the development of the internet. Micro Photonics has played its own part in this transformation since …

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    Applications of Micro-CT

    What are the applications for Micro-CT? Micro-CT (microtomography) instruments can scan a wide variety of samples.  One easy way to break down the types of applications for micro-CT is by separating them by instrument; those that scan living animals (in vivo) and those that scan everything else (ex vivo).  An explanation of the …

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    How much does a Micro-CT scanner cost?

    How Much Does A Micro-CT Scanner Cost? One of the first questions customers ask us is How much is a micro-CT scanner? The short answer is between $240,000 to over $1,000,000. The longer answer, and the reason for the wide price range, is that the price of a micro-CT depends on the …

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    Opening Day for Baseball

    For the opening week of baseball, I would like to share two videos from baseballs we have scanned.  One is a ball from a major league game, the other, one of my son’s friends brought in to scan for a school project.  I was surprised by the differences between the two, especially …

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    Scrolls of Herculaneum – A Mystery Inside

    • 13 January, 2014
    • microphotonics-admin
    • Micro-CT

    In 79AD a great eruption from Mount Vesuvius blanketed the Roman cities of Pompeii and the resort town of Herculaneum. This event has given vast knowledge into the way of life including that of the Roman elite. Herculaneum was not a normal town, but a resort town to escape the heat of …

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    Launch of the Skyscan 1272 Bruker Micro-CT by Micro Photonics

    Micro Photonics, Allentown PA Announces the Release of Skyscan 1272 Micro-CT The SkyScan 1272 can come with a state-of-the-art 16 position sample changer Allentown PA November 12, 2013 – Micro Photonics, Inc., the leading source of advanced instrumentation for scientific and industrial research, announced today the release of the SkyScan-1272 Micro-CT. The …

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