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    We have several of our products available for demonstration. We are happy to provide a free demonstration on one of the instruments for new customers to help determine if the system is right for your application. If you'd like to request a free demo, please complete the form below:

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    Dental Micro-CT We are glad to have worked in collaboration with Dr. Gregory Jacobs to provide dental micro-CT images for 3D printing and educational purposes in the dental field. Using the SkyScan 1172 micro-CT scanner, along with our visualization software suite, we were able to create virtual 2D and 3D images. Our …

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    Micro CT of a Cricket

    Image of the Month: Cricket – January 2014 Good Luck for the New Year! Figure 1. Projection image of a cricket with 3X offset for extra wide scanning. Welcome to 2015! As our New Year’s resolution we are recycling… well sort of. This cricket met his demise in our recycling bin so …

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    MicroCT of a Stocking

    Image of the Month: Stocking – December 2014 Inside the Stocking! Winter is here and as a holiday tradition many people hang stockings over the fire place. Kids love to try and get a sneak peak of what is inside. Therefore, at Micro Photonics, we found a solution to satisfy the kids’ …

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    MicroCT of Mullein

    Image of the Month: October 2014 Alien Plant – Mullein Up close this plant looks like something out a of science fiction movie. This plant is actually found throughout the United States and is called Common Mullein (Verbascum Thapsus L.). The above images are of the flower stalk at the top of the …

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    Micro-CT of a Shark Tooth

    Image of the Month: Shark Tooth – September 2014 Take a bite of this! In honor of Shark Week, the images shown are from a 16mm x 21mm fossilized shark tooth that was discovered by Dr. Luke Beggs and his wife Emily.  Sharks lose and replace >10,000 teeth over their lifespan.  This …

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    The Best Catch of the Month!

    Image of the Month: Graphite Fishing Rod – August 2014 The Best Catch of Month! Anyone who is an avid fisherman/fisherwoman will know that a majority of fishing rods are made of graphite or a combination of carbon fiber and resins.  There is a lot of science that goes into creating fishing …

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    Hot Diggity Dog!

    Image of the Month: July 2014 Hot Diggity Dog! The 4th of July is right around the corner and many of us will be enjoying an American tradition of eating hot dogs. Since everyone else will be enjoying them, we figured we should too!  That is why we scanned a hot dog and …

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    ¡ Feliz Cinco de Mayo!

    Today, May 5th, many of us will experience a colorful and festive celebration around us or be partaking in it ourselves. The holiday commonly known Cinco de Mayo features an abundance of foods, cocktails, and decoration of Mexican original or association. Margaritas, salsa and chips, tacos, nachos, enchiladas, and churros are just …

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    Opening Day for Baseball

    For the opening week of baseball, I would like to share two videos from baseballs we have scanned.  One is a ball from a major league game, the other, one of my son’s friends brought in to scan for a school project.  I was surprised by the differences between the two, especially …

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    Happy Pi Day!

    In celebration of Albert Einstein’s Birthday and PI day we combined our physics based SkyScan 1173 micro-CT system with an apple pie. Enjoy our virtual pie perfection! Click here to see our PI Day YouTube video!    

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