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Laboratory Services

Need quality Micro-CT results but don’t have an instrument at your facility?  Micro Photonics has a well-equipped laboratory with 4 dedicated SkyScan Micro-CT systems for nondestructive testing of biological or material samples.  With annual testing of 500+ samples, and 15 years of micro-CT lab experience, let our expertise be the solution for your micro-CT imaging and analytical needs.
Our Lab Systems

SkyScan 1173 SkyScan 1174 SkyScan 1272
Minimum Pixel Size Minimum Pixel Size Minimum Pixel Size
Down to 4µm Down to 6µm Down to 0.35µm
Maximum Object Size Maximum Object Size Maximum Object Size
140mm diameter 30mm diameter 75mm diameter
140mm in length 50mm in length 70mm in length
Example Samples* Example Samples* Example Samples*
Low density metals, Electronics, Rocks, Plastics, Bone, etc. Plastics, Bone, Rubber, Organic Material, etc. Plastics, Bone, Paper, Electronics, Organic Material, Composites, Biological Tissue, etc.

*Please discuss samples with one of our engineers by calling (610) 366-7103 to determine the best system for your application.
How Micro-CT Testing Works

Reliable Results

What You Receive:

  1. A test report with detailed information on the methodology and analysis results (if requested)
  2. Cross-sectional images of your sample sent via Hightail, DVD, or Hard Drive
  3. A copy of our visualization software (DataViewer, CTVox) for enhanced viewing in

both 2D and 3D


Timely Service

Need results quickly? Call (610) 366-7103 today for a quote. We offer next day results for most applications*. You can be confident that your urgent work will be handled quickly and with meticulous care. Micro Photonics Laboratories offers the following service turn-around choices:
*Subject to instrument availability. Call before sending samples to confirm.

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