Micro Photonics Inc.

NRecon Reconstruction Software

SkyScan's volumetric reconstruction software NRecon uses the set of acquired angular projections to create a set of cross section slices through the object. The program uses a modified Feldkamp algorithm with automatic adaptation to the scan geometry in each micro-CT scanner. Reconstructed slices can be saved in BMP, TIFF, JPG or numerical data format. Reconstruction includes beam-hardening correction, alignment optimization, ring artifact correction, reconstruction in a restricted volume of interest, reconstruction of objects wider than the field of view, external and internal calibration into Hounsfield units and interactive density window selection.

NRecon accepts large format angular projection images to reconstruct cross section images with up to 8000x8000 pixels. User-friendly batch processing allows many reconstruction jobs with different settings to be run sequentially without operator input.

The program can run on one PC or distribute the reconstruction across a cluster of several networked PCs working in parallel to achieve exceptional speed. NRecon measures and adapts to differences in computer performance and network connection for equitable job distribution.

The Projection Pixel Shift Correction (PPSC) feature is implemented in the NRecon software. The PPSC feature is designed to identify any shifts that may have occurred in the projection images due the X-ray focal spot moving from thermal changes in the room. The PPSC ensures the sharpest, highest resolution images can be obtained in every scan.