Micro Photonics Inc.

SkyScan supplies a range of support products to assist users — all involved with micro-CT scanning with SkyScan instruments — with every practical aspect of micro-CT scanning. This includes sample preparation, mounting of samples in ex vivo and in vivo scanners, and accessories for in vivo scanning. This list does not, however, include the four special stages with embedded microprocessor controllers (material testing stage, cooling stage, heating stage and the micro-positioning stage) which are listed under optional stages.

Several new items are featured including a set of vertical plastic tube holders for the 1172 and 1174 scanners, a special large object holder for the 1173 scanner, and a mechanical gripping holder ("spider") for all ex vivo scanners.

These products will significantly assist users in the mounting of samples for scanning.

Users should be aware that stable and symmetrical mounting of samples for scanning will enhance the quality and repeatability of scans and scan analysis results.

Other products in this range include alignment pins (different for all scanners), calibration phantoms for bone mineral density (BMD), tissue density phantoms for in vivo scanning and the aluminium thickness measurement phantom.

Our full list of SkyScan Accessories:

  • Sample holders, ex vivo scanners (1172, 1173, 1174)
    • Special object holders
    • Brass sample trays
    • Special ex vivo sample mounts
    • Alignment pins, ex vivo
  • Sample mounting accessories
  • In vivo scanner beds and accessories
    • SkyScan 1176
    • SkyScan 1178
    • Polystyrene foam animal and sample tubes
  • Calibration phantoms
  • Anaesthesia Support Products

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