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    Visque Bio-Imaging | SMART System

    A Preclinical InVivo Fluorescent Imaging & Analysis System

    The VISQUE™ In Vivo SMART system provides high-sensitivity fluorescent imaging acquisition and kinetics analysis for small laboratory animals in the pre-clinical research phase. Fluorescent imaging is a non-invasive way to study the pathophysiology of disease as well as responses to therapy. The SMART system’s speed and sophisticated design makes for enhanced useability for a wide range of research, including cancer, cardiovascular, pharmacokinetics, and more. Serial assessment is possible for each live lab animal, reducing the required number of experimental animals.The Visque SMART system is a safe, effective, and accurate option at a reasonable cost.

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    Kinetics Analysis of Time-lapse Image: Mouse Brain Blood Perfusion Analysis using ICG Real-Time Images

    Figure 1: Kinetics Analysis of Time-lapse Image: Mouse Brain Blood Perfusion Analysis using ICG Real-Time Images.

    Monitor disease progression and track disease phenomena over time

    SMART’s fluorescence imaging is a fast, easy-to-use form of optical imaging that can provide two- and three-dimensional and functional information from a cellular scale to several centimeters. It is relatively inexpensive and offers high throughput, as multiple animals can be imaged simultaneously and quickly. This makes it easier for researchers to image statistically significant population sizes. Visque SMART fluorescence imaging allows researchers to track the abundance, location, and activity of specific molecules in vivo and over time.

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    SMART’s high-sensitivity fluorescence imaging acquisition

    Several features of the Visque SMART system contribute to its efficacy in fluorescent imaging. Visque’s scientific CMOS camera provides an optimized solution for high-end scientific applications, with a minimum pixel size of 20μm. The camera’s high sensitivity and low noise capabilities allow researchers to precisely detect and quantify very weak signals in fluorescent imaging. The high-sensitivity imaging sensor, with a high quantum efficiency (72% at 595nm) and low dark current, provides uniform image quality along with high-speed image acquisition (max. 30fps).

    in vivo imaging viewer and kinetic analysis program

    The Visque SMART system has superior imaging with fast and convenient analysis tools. The unique time-lapse imaging and analysis software was designed exclusively for the VISQUE InVivo Series. By using real-time image acquisition, more than ten analytic algorithms for pharmacokinetics and biodistribution research are supported.

    Image acquision and analysis

    Figure 2: Fast imaging with easy-to-use analysis tools.

    Special imaging and analysis features:

    • ONE-CLICK ANALYSIS: Automatic display of fluorescence level, ROI analysis, etc. 
    • EASY RE-ANALYSIS: Original images, analysis process, analyzed images, and ROI can be saved in a single file (*.cif)
    • FOUR DIFFERENT IMAGES IN ONE SCREEN: The display and analysis of four different images can be displayed and analyzed in a single screen
    • REPORT MODE: Raw image, ROI (Region of Interest), acquisition setup information, the Pseudocolor bar range, comments, and more

    Analyze four images on one screen.

    Figure 3: The display and analysis of four different images can be displayed and analyzed in a single screen.

    Sophisticated design provides enhanced useability

    The Visque SMART system’s user-friendly product design makes it easy to manipulate small laboratory animals to acquire the fast-moving fluorescent imaging within their bodies. The lens can be easily adjusted in real-time with side levers for zoom (x1 – x7.5), focus, and iris.

    The instrument is compact and lightweight, weighing only 17kg so it can be carried by hand. An exterior LED display makes it easy to see the Power, Connection, Door, and Acquisition statuses.

    Visque's user-friendly product design

    Figure 4: Visque’s user-friendly product design.


    Noninvasive in vivo fluorescence imaging of small animals is widely used as a preclinical research method for oncology and infectious disease research. It allows researchers to detect a fluorescent signal within a living animal indicating disease‐related processes, such as parts of the host immune response, the presence of pathogens, inflammation,or cancer growth. Fluorescence imaging can be highly complementary to other imaging modalities, in addition to offering many options as a standalone technique.

    Fluorescence imaging of small animals is used in a wide variety of applications, including infectious diseases, inflammation, drug discovery, neurobiology and cancer research.

    Specifically, major uses of the Visque SMART in vivo preclinical system include the following applications:

    • Imaging solid tumors and tracking metastatic tumors  
    • Assessment of cardiovascular and/or lymphatic structure and functions 
    • Evaluating the therapeutic efficacy of new drugs against cancer, arthritis, atherosclerosis, autoimmune disorders or angiogenesis, and more
    • Analysis of the pharmacokinetics of new drugs

    Pharmacokinetics study of exosomes labeled with NIR fluorescent dyes

    Figure 5: Pharmacokinetics study of exosomes labeled with NIR fluorescent dyes.

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    Longitudinal studies

    Data may be gathered for the same subjects repeatedly over a study period with minimal harm to the animal subjects, using simple anesthesia and no dissection.

    Compact size and ease-of-use

    The Visque SMART system is a compact desktop instrument that weighs only 17kg and can be easily lifted and carried. The lens can be easily adjusted in real-time while the user-friendly product design makes it easy to manipulate small laboratory animals.

    Easy analysis and documentation

    One-click analysis provides automatic display of key values. Re-analysis and documentation are facilitated because objective data and images can be stored as a single file in a *.cif format. 

    Scientific CMOS camera

    Our camera provides an optimized solution for high-end scientific applications with a minimum. image pixel size of 20μm (@x7.5). Scientific CMOS, or sCMOS, is a breakthrough technology based on next-generation CMOS Image Sensor (CIS) design and fabrication techniques. 

    Uniform image quality with high-speed image acquisition

    The high-sensitivity imaging sensor provides rapid image acquisition (Max. 30fps) Specifications: Quantum Efficiency: 72% at 595nm; Dynamic Range: 87dB; Dark Current: <10 e-/s/pix @ 30 OC.

    Gas anesthesia adapter (optional)

    Anesthesia is used in many animal studies to immobilize animals while scanning or imaging. The SMART system provides an optional gas anesthesia adapter to ensure continuous anesthetic gas flow and ensure complete animal immobility during imaging.

    Time-lapse imaging

    Various algorithms for Kinetics analysis are already embedded in SMART’s CleVueTM software. This is particularly useful for the following applications:  Cardiovascular analysis, study of lymphoid organ function, and pharmacokinetics.


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