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    TRIBOTOUCH Hand / Finger Abrasion Applications page

    Hand and Finger Abrasion Tester Applications


    The appearance and durability of your product is as important to customer satisfaction as how well your product works.  When materials or coatings are worn due to hand or chemical abrasion, it can affect your customers’ perception of the quality of your product.  With the TRIBOTOUCH Hand Abrasion Tester you can replicate the wear that will occur when people touch a surface.  Measuring the resistance to wear due to finger abrasion, dirt, sweat, or chemicals such as cosmetics and lotions, should be a key part of your pre-market testing.

    Hand Abrasion of Printed Surfaces

    Wear of painted surfaces, printed surfaces, keypads, signs, buttons on consumer products, information booths, ATM, Credit card stations, checkout counters, car radios and climate control interfaces, etc caused by hands and fingers.

    Finger abrasion on a button

    This is tested according to the simulation of standard hand abrasion and finger abrasion International Standards: ISO 12947-1 / IEC 68-2-70

    Download an application note on an abrasion test of printing on a pen.

    Hand Abrasion of Automotive Components

    Wear resistance of real leather and fake leather used in a variety of applications such as automotive interiors, furniture, cell phone cases, steering wheels, clothing and more.

    car interior

    Abrasion Affects from Rough Surfaces

    Affects of rougher materials such as ‘scotch’ pads and other abrasive pads in place of the standard cotton fabric. This allows you to look at the affect cleaning pads can have on bulk material and coated surfaces such as pots and pans and also on surfaces that get cleaned routinely such as signs and surfaces in bathrooms, restaurants, airports, kitchens and other high use areas.

    abrasive pad

    Finger Abrasion due to Dirt 

    Resistance to a build up of dirt and other materials.  You can purchase test fabric pre-soiled with carbon and oil to see how resistant the material you are studying is to a build up of grim.

    dirty hands

    Hand Abrasion in Conjunction with Sweat and Other Chemicals

    Mechanical testing is only part of the equation though.  Sweat can have a major impact on the wear of materials. You can purchase different synthetic compositions of sweat depending on your specific application.  We can supply DIN ISO 9022-12, DIN EN 60068-2-70, DIN ISO 105-E04, DIN 53160-2 and others such as company standards at BMW, VW, Daimler and more.

    Besides sweat you can also test materials using consumer goods such as sun tan lotion, hand creams and moisturizers, cosmetics and more.

    As you can see, the TRIBOTOUCH help with a wide range of applications. Give us call or send an email to discuss your application to see how the TRIOTOUCH can help you.


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