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    At Micro Photonics we offer high quality high-vacuum and ultra-high-vacuum components and systems for the deposition and characterization of thin films from Oxford Applied Research . Specializing in providing unique solutions to common deposition challenges.

    Oxford Applied Research Buyer’s Guide

    A step-by-step guide to finding the best solutions for you.


    Oxford Applied Research Learning Center

    Visit our learning center to learn how it works, how much it costs and more.

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    Support & Service

    Need support or service? Our range of solutions will help you continue to get the most from our products.

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    VSW Analyzers

    The range of the VSW CLASS analyzers provide unparalleled versatility and performance for spectroscopy and research applications in surface science.Learn More

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    Nanocluster Deposition System

    The Nanocluster Deposition System is an advanced system depositing nanoclusters for metallic, magnetic, and semiconducting nanostructures, including compound and catalytic materials.  This system is ready for your nanocluster challenges.Learn More

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    Mini E-beam Evaporator

    The Mini E-beam Evaporator, by Oxford Applied Research, is a solution to deposit ultra-pure films of materials. The deposition rate is highly controllable, allowing the instrument to be used in surface science and thin film applications.Learn More

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    Piezoelectric Gas Doser

    The PLV-1000 leak valve is high quality all metal, UHV compatible leak valve that is actuated by internal piezoelectric crystal stack.  Ideal for hazardous locations and online connections. Learn More

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    RF Atom Sources

    The HD series of RF atom sources, from Oxford Applied Research, produce high quality films with uniform coverage and high dissociation. Ideal for Nitrides, Oxides, N-doping, Hydrogen atom cleaning and much more.Learn More

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    Thermal Gas Cracker

    The TC series thermal gas crackers rely on the successful electron beam heating technology. These instruments allow for a very high dissociation efficiency of the molecular gas at low power. With direct cooling technology the filament and cracking tube are never about 30 degrees see allowing extremely clean operation and no contamination.Learn More

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