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    SkyScan 1273 | High-energy desktop micro-CT

    SkyScan 1273 | High-Energy Desktop Micro-CT

    The SKYSCAN 1273 is Bruker’s latest bench-top 3D X-ray microscope based on micro-computed tomography (Micro-CT) technology. The system can accommodate samples up to 500 mm length, 300 mm diameter, and a maximum weight of 20 kg, which is a new standard for non-destructive testing (NDT) using a desktop instrument.

    Best-in-class components turn the SkyScan 1273 into a real power house. The high-energy X-ray source running at high power, combined with a large format flat-panel detector with ultimate sensitivity and speed, provides excellent image quality in just a few seconds.  An entire scan can be completed in as little as 12 seconds.  Orders of magnitude faster than our previous generation systems!

    The SkyScan 1273 benchtop 3D X-ray microscope requires minimum lab space, is easy to start running, and virtually maintenance-free. Consequently, the SKYSCAN 1273 micro-CT offers high system uptime with low cost of ownership.

    High-energy micro-CT for large and dense objects

    The new SkyScan 1273 includes a 130kV microfocus X-ray source with improved stability of the flux and focal spot position, a large format (6Mp) active pixel flat panel detector, and a precision object manipulator for large (up to 300mm in diameter, 500mm in length) and heavy (up to 20 kilograms) objects with an integrated micro-positioning stage. The scanning volume — up to 250mm in diameter and 250mm long — allows investigating a wide range of objects. The shortest scanning time of less than 15 seconds for an entire scan makes the system highly suitable for industrial applications and high throughput scientific research.  You get more samples and more data done more quickly.

    Unique application possibilities

    Helical (spiral) scanning, high spatial resolution, and precise calibration, opens  up unique possibilities for the SkyScan 1273 in 3D dimensional metrology on small and medium size objects, including 3D printed metal, plastic parts with closed compartments, medical devices, and more which can only be measured by micro-CT methods.

    The SkyScan 1273 also provides the possibility of multi-scale imaging and exact modeling of geological materials in oil and gas exploration, from full-size drilled core down to micron-level resolution in small plugs, yet has enough sensitive to measure delicate samples like insects and other low dense material. The system is supplied with GPU-accelerated reconstruction for round and helical scanning geometries by patented (licensed) exact reconstruction algorithms providing highly accurate information for metrological measurements.

    Bruker micro-CT software

    Bruker’s comprehensive software package 3D.Suite®  for straightforward data collection, advanced image analysis, and powerful visualization makes the SKYSCAN 1273 an easy-to-use 3D X-ray microscope.  No dedicated engineer is needed.  It can serve as the core of a multi-use facility.

    The full range of Bruker 3D.Suite® microCT software is supplied, including software for fast volumetric reconstruction, for 2D/ 3D quantitative analysis, and for realistic 3D visualization. The software also includes powerful volume rendering and easy creation of realistic movies with the possibility for virtual flight around and inside the reconstructed object’s microstructure. Reconstruction results can be sent to iPad, iPhone, or Android devices. Special software for mobile platforms performs volume rendering and virtual cut of objects with touch screen gesture controls.

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    Request: FREE EVALUATION SCAN to see how micro-CT works with your application.

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    • 40-130kV maintenance-free X-ray source for low cost of ownership
    • 8-position automatic filter changer for automatic energy selection
    • GPU-acceleration for fast 3D reconstructions
    • Offset scanning with automatic stitching of oversized images
    • Best image quality of planar structures thanks to helical scanning and exact reconstruction
    • Up to 4x faster scanning of objects with high aspect ratio thanks to HART Plus
    X-ray source 40-130 kV, max. 39 W, < 5 µm spot size at 4 W
    X-ray detector 6-megapixel (3072 x 1944) active pixel CMOS flat-panel detector
    Maximum object size 300 mm diameter, 500 mm length, 20 kg
    Optional stages Micro positioning, cooling, heating, compression/tension
    Radiation safety <1 µSv/h at 10 cm from the instrument surface

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