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    SkyScan 1272 Micro-CT | high resolution

    SkyScan 1272: Ultra High Resolution Micro-CT in a Desktop Platform

    The SkyScan 1272 Micro-CT ultra high resolution desktop 3D scanner can non-destructively image samples for life science, materials, electronics, geology, bone, and more applications, offering options for high resolution micro-CT with up to 209 Megapixel virtual slices.  The unique adaptive geometry feature of the microtomograph ensures that high the system will scan with the fastest speed possible for each resolution setting.

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    The 1272 micro-CT is perfect for both multi-use facilities and specialized applications.  The optional sample carousel extends the automated scanning feature to multiple samples, without user interaction, freeing you up to perform other work.

    A single scan of 2600 micro-CT slices, each up to 209 Megapixel (14450×14450 pixels) using newly developed 16Mp and 11Mp X-ray detectors, is instrumental in generating the detail and resolution you need to advance your ground breaking research.

    Three offset positions allow you to scan your samples quickly or with higher resolution.  The innovative Adaptive Geometry scanning of the SkyScan 1272 microtomography scanner ensures you the fastest scan times possible especially in the intermediate resolution levels, where scans are several times faster compared to micro-CT systems which have a fixed source-detector design.  The scan times are faster while maintaining image quality.

    The SkyScan 1272 desktop micro-CT can automatically optimize X-ray energy and energy filtering making the scanning of new and unknown samples easy.  The systems uses a new maintenance-free X-ray source and automatic 6-position filter changer for maximum scanning flexibility. Phase-contrast enhancement can help detect object details as small as 0.35um.

    With the large format imaging of the SkyScan micro-CTs, it is important to have   multithreaded GPU-accelerated 3D-reconstruction and realistic visualization by surface and volume rendering.  NRecon can use multiple graphics cards to quickly reconstruction large micro-CT datasets and CTVox provides an easy to use but powerful 3D imaging and movie creation for you micro-CT datasets.

    In order to achieve the optimal resolution from your samples, the system includes a built-in precision micropositioning stage.  Additionally, optional in situ stages can be added to scan samples during compression, tension, cooling or heating.

    An optional 16-position automatic sample changer allows the adding / removing / replacing of samples without interrupting a live scanning process. Automatic magnification adjustment and scanning protocol optimization is available for individual samples. At the end of the scan the system can send you an e-mail with a direct link to the scanning results, which can be opened across a network.

    Reconstruction results can be sent to iPad/iPhone/iPodTouch. Special software for mobile platform performs volume rendering and virtual cut of objects with touch screen gesture controls.

    The full range of the software for 2D / 3D quantitative analysis and for realistic 3D visualization is also supplied with the scanner.

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    • New 16Mp or 11Mp cooled 14bit X-ray detector in one, two or three offset positions
    • Up to 14450×3240 pixels in every image, 209Mp in each of 2600 slices reconstructed after one scan
    • Down to 0.35µm isotropic detail detectability with phase contrast enhancement for submicron details
    • Automatically variable acquisition geometry for shortest scan at any magnification
    • Integrated micro-positioning stage allows easy finding most optimal sample placement
    • Scanning sample during compression, tension, heating, cooling (optional stages)
    • Standard automatic filter changer with 6 positions and wide range of source energy selection
    • 2D/3D image analysis and realistic visualization
    • Optional 16-position automatic sample changer
    • X-ray source
      20-100kV, 10W, <5µm spot size
    • X-ray detector
      16 mega-pixel (4904 x 3280 pixels) or 11 mega-pixel (4032 x 2688 pixels), 14-bit cooled CCD fiber-optically coupled scintillator
    • Maximum object size
      75mm in diameter, 70mm in height
    • Spatial resolution
      0.35um (16 mega-pixel camera) and 0.45um (11 mega-pixel) detail detectability
    • Reconstruction
      Single PC or cluster volumetric reconstruction (Feldkamp algorithm)
    • Optional stages
      Cooling, heating, compression / tension
    • Radiation safety
      <1µSv / h at any point on the instrument surface
    • Dimensions
      1160W x 520D x 330H mm (440H with sample changer)
    • Weight
      150kg uncrated

    For the latest releases of the SkyScan software please visit SkyScan’s website.

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