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Micro-CT for SEM

Micro-CT for SEM: Microscanner with Detail Detectability down to 500 NM

SkyScan Micro-CT attachment for SEM adds 3D imaging modality to any SEM without compromising the standard imaging modes. The attachment doesn’t require any changes to the standard SEM construction or SEM control software.

The microscanner contains a metal target to produce X-ray radiation, an object rotation stage, and a motorized linear stage to vary the distance between the X-ray emission point and the object for adjusting the magnification of the X-ray images. The microscanner is installed inside the specimen chamber on the SEM specimen stage. The camera assembly is attached to a flange in the side wall of the specimen chamber. It contains an X-ray camera, a vacuum feed-through for connection to the microscanner and shutter with an alignment pattern.

The camera assembly is connected to the microscanner controller, which takes power from a USB port and controls all movement of the microscanner. The X-ray camera is also connected to the computer through a second USB interface to read out the images.

Now you can not only see inside a sample but you can find out what chemicals are there and where they are located.  To give the instrument a test drive call (866) 334-4674  or email:

Introduction to X-ray Microtomography (Micro-CT)

Microtomography uses a similar technique as X-ray tomography systems used in medicine (CT Scans) but with much finer resolution. Multiple 2D X-ray images are stored while either the sample or the source / detector pair is rotated. Internal structures are reconstructed as a series of 2D cross sections which are then used to analyze the two and three dimensional morphological parameters of the object. The process is nondestructive and requires no special preparation of the specimen.

The powerful imaging capabilities of X-ray tomography are now available in a range of desktop instruments suitable for microscopic imaging of small objects with a wide range of applications: 3D bone analysis, food studies, soft tissue research, insects, microelectronics, materials, geological studies and more. Specialized software (CTAn) has been developed for the analysis of Micro-CT images including bone morphometry, porosity, fractal analysis and more.

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  • Detail detectability down to 500 nm
  • Uses SEM electron beam to generate X-rays
  • Can work with conductive and non-conductive samples
  • Does not require any modifications to SEM electronics or SEM control software
  • No ring artifacts in reconstructed virtual slices due to direct detection camera
  • Supplied with software for reconstruction, 2D/3D image analysis and realistic visualization
Nominal resolution 350nm…8µm pixel size (SEM with 185mm distance to flange)
Low-contrast resolution typically-800nm (for hosting in JSM7000 SEM)
Object size 0.18…4mm scanning diameter, 10mm max. object length
Object manipulator precision rotation 0.45deg min.step; motorized zoom with feedback
Manipulator controller microprocessor controller powered (with manipulator) from USB2
X-ray camera cooled (air) back-illuminated CCD with Be protective window
Connections to PC two USB2 ports (two 5m cables included)

For the latest releases of the SkyScan software please visit SkyScan’s website.

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