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Micro-CT Analysis Software

Micro-CT Analysis Software: 2D and 3D Quantitative Analysis

All Bruker SkyScan micro-CT scanners are equipped with advanced micro-CT analysis software, including “CT-Analyzer” for complete 2D and 3D quantitative analysis of reconstructed volumes from Micro-CT scans, and “CT-volume” for realistic 3D visualization of scanned objects.

These programs can run on the powerful workstation supplied with your system or on any of your laboratory’s desktop or notebook computers.

Micro-CT Analysis

The micro-CT software suite allows you to calculate parameters such as bone volume fractions, materials volumes, structure and trabecular thickness, porosity, particle analysis and more.  Contact our micro-CT experts to discuss how micro-CT analysis can be applied to your research.



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  • Runs on Windows 64-bit systems (Windows XP, Vista, 7)
  • Supplied as unlimited site license
  • Free SkyScan software upgrades for the life of the instrument
  • 2D & 3D morphometric outputs in general scientific or ASBMR terms
  • Easy to use software interface
  • Import of dataset in TIFF, BMP, JPG
  • Angular re-sampling of datasets
  • Advanced volume-of-interest (VOI) selection tool
  • Measures 3D distances and angles
  • Creates Maximum Intensity Projection (MIP) images
  • Calibrates and measures density as HU, BMD or attenuation coefficient
  • Image processing functions, such as smooth, despeckle morphologic operations, etc.
  • Switch between general scientific and bone morphometry parameter names
  • Parameters measured in 2D and 3D include:
    • Object (pore, particle, etc.) or “bone” volume
    • Object or “bone” surface
    • Structure or “trabecular” thickness
    • Structure or “trabecular” separation, number
    • Structure model index (SMI)
    • Fragmentation index or “Trabecular pattern factor”
    • Euler number o Degree of anisotropy by MIL
    • MIL eigenvalues and stereology
    • Fractal dimension (Kolmogorov)
    • Moments of inertia (x, y, polar, product)
    • Eccentricity
    • Cortical periosteal perimeter (outer perimeter of tube)
    • Cortical endosteal perimeter (inner perimeter of tube)
    • Object or “bone” porosity
  • Automated batch analysis
  • Measurements validation with real and virtual phantoms
  • Creates 3D models by several rendering algorithms

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