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    Micro-CT 3D Visualization Software

    3D Visualization Software

    Bruker’s 3D visualization software offers 3D model creation, viewing, intuitive manipulation, and flexible control of Micro-CT scans, plus a versatile movie-maker.  It has never been easier to create images and videos  from your micro-CT data to add to your presentations and posters.

    CTVox® 3D Micro-CT Volume Rendering

    The “CTVox” is the easiest way to create 3D models from micro-CT datasets.   Simply open one of the micro-CT slices in the program and the software does the rest.  A 3D model is created based on the gray scale values of the original micro-CT data.    Adjustments can be made to the grayscale values, colors and shadows can be created, different backgrounds can be loaded, cutaways and numerous other refinements.

    A simple to use but powerful video creation tool uses keyframes to automate the recording of single still images or entire movies.  Complete with fading in / out, camera adjustments, variable lighting and more.  Click here for our instructional videos on the operation of CTVox.

    • 3D navigation controls allows manipulating both object and camera
    • A flexible clipping tool allows producing cut-away views
    • Three different rendering modes are supported (volume render, maximum intensity projection = MIP, attenuation maps)
    • Transfer Function Editor is used to control appearance of the rendering
    • Background selection, including custom scenery
    • A “flight recorder” for fast creation of “fly around” and “fly through” animations based on the selection of several key frames with automatic interpolation in between
    • Imaging possibilities include 3D stereo viewing

    CTVol® Micro-CT Surface Rendering Software

    CT-Vol displays 3D surface rendered micro-CT models created in CTan®.  Multiple 3D models can be loaded into the software providing viewing, intuitive manipulation and flexible control of 3D-model texture and transparency, plus a versatile moviemaker. CT-Volume loads the triangulated models created in CT-Analyzer. A virtual 3D viewing environment is created by the user that allows:

    • Selection of background including scenery
    • Moving and rotation of single or multiple models, together or separately
    • Advanced control of object texture, color, lighting and transparency
    • Ability to view inside models by cutting away a part or making a part transparent
    • A “flight recorder” for flexible and fast creation of “movies” for animated presentation of your scanned object in a 3D virtual environment by automatic interpolation between several selected keyframes.
    • Stereo imaging using red-green or red-cyan glasses

    DataViewer® 2D / 3D Micro-CT Slice Visualization

    The reconstructed set of micro-CT slices can be flexibly viewed in Bruker’s “DataViewer” program. Images are displayed as a slice-by-slice with automated viewing or controlled by the wheel of a mouse. DataViewer also has a viewing mode with three intersecting orthogonal slices centered at any selected point inside the reconstructed volume, which can be turned and each intersecting slice independently moved by simple mouse control. DataViewer includes possibility to rotate reconstructed volume around any axis and resample reconstructed dataset in any alternative orientation. Additional features include 4th dimension for compression/tension and time-resolved tomography, variable smoothing, saving interpolated datasets in saggital or coronal section, measuring and saving distances and intensity profiles.

    For the latest releases of the SkyScan software please visit SkyScan’s website.

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