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    Laue HT System

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    High Throughput Laue Diffraction System

    High-throughput single crystal orientation measurements, utilizing the Laue Diffraction technique, measurements can be performed in as little as a few seconds. The system is designed for heavy duty “round the clock” operation. Easy access maintenance features are designed to keep you up and running year after year. Excellent for nickel-based alloy single crystal orientation turbine blade inspection.


    X-ray Detector

    • Side Reflection Laue Camera
    • Back Reflection Laue Camera (optional upgrade)

    Sample Handling

    • Mounting Jigs
    • Laser Focusing System
    • Motorized Sample Positioning System


    • Manual Door
    • Automated Door
    • Safety Light Curtain
    • Video Camera & Monitor

    Motorized Sample Positioning

    3D Joystick for Matching Overlays

    Back Reflection Laue Detector

    Contact Micro Photonics for more information at 610-366-7103 or

    50 x 35 x 78 inches
    Power Requirements
    220-240V, 30 Amp 50/60Hz, Single Phase
    X-ray Tube
    Tungsten (W)
    X-ray Power Supply
    3000 W
    Geometry Side reflection or Back reflection (optional)

    75mm diameter, scintillation based intensified CCD (side reflection)

    80×80 mm, scintillation based intensified CCD (back reflection option)

    Sample Positioning
    Automated X axis (200 mm), Y axis (175 mm), Z axis manual (200mm)
    X-ray Beam Apertures
    0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.6, 2.0 mm
    Cabinet Door Option
    light curtain, Manual Door, automated door
    Desktop Computer included
    PROTO XRDWIN 2.0 Laue
    System Compliance
    ANSI N43.2, CE
    Cabinet Features

    Independent warning light beacons for ‘X-ray On’ and ‘Shutter Open’

    Emergency stop with lockout key, enclosure light, fully interlocked,

    clear view windows, hand-held motion control pendant

    Image capture
    DNR’s GelCapture, free lifetime upgrade
    1D image analysis
    GelQuant Express
    Optional: GelQunat Pro

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