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Laue X-ray Diffraction systems offers a number of single crystal orientation solutions using the Laue technique. From high throughput 24/7 production environments such as turbine blade casting facilities to R&D facilities for single crystal orientation. Upgrades to existing systems such as new CCD based detectors, tube towers, safety cabinets and orientation software is available. One stop for upgrades to full diffraction systems.

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A step-by-step guide to finding the best solutions for you.

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Laue Learning Center

Visit our Laue learning center to learn how it works, how much it costs and more.

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Support & Service

Need Laue support or service? Our range of solutions will help you continue to get the most from our Laue products.

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Laue HT System

The Laue HT redefines Laue crystal orientation with high-throughput capability.  Designed for production facilities such as turbine blade casting facilities or silicon wafer manufactures, it is a reliable 24/7 capable diffraction system.Learn More

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Laue COS System

The Laue COS system is a Laue XRD Crystal Orientation System. With an option of Back-reflection or side-reflection camera setup, it is designed to handle any sample. Designed for the R&D facility, it can be supplied with manual or electronically controlled goniometers or holders for various sample sizes.Learn More

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