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TCVD-RF100CA Premium Custom

Premium Custom-Designed System for TMDC & h-BN 

Graphene Square introduces the advanced CVD system for the synthesis of 2D materials from a chip to a wafer, including the synthesis of graphene, h-BN, TMDC’s on various substrates by use of gas-phase or solid precursors and metal-organic (MO) sources.  A CVD system like no other for the future of materials and electronics.

The TCVD-RF100CA is an advanced system with computer aided control for the processes. With the flexibility to have up to 10 MFC’s for gas control + 3 MO sources for gas phase synthesis, along with 3 heating zones and a RF unit, this is a true workhorse for the advancement of 2D materials.

The TVCD-RF100CA Features

  • Fully computer-controlled programmable recipes
  • Optimized for Graphene, CNT, h-BN and TMDC growth
  • Water cooling and vacuum for high quality and consistent synthesis
  • Process temperature: ~1,100 degree C
  • Uniformity of Film Thickness: + or – 3%
  • Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating and fast cooling of the sample
  • Standard Safety box
  • TCVD-100 platform Tested and Proven with over 100 installed instruments within Korea and many more around the world

The TCVD-CRF100A Advantages

Quality, advanced equipment that is customizable to your research needs.

  • Furnaces – Single, double, or a single with RF M/W Module
  • Chamber size – 4 inch standard, or your choice of 2 inch, 6 inch or 8 inch
  • Pumping system – turbo pump for operation between 10-3mbar – 1bar
  • Gas Control Units – Up to 10 gas lines controlled automatically by MFC’s + 2 extra ports
  • Metal oxide sources of various transition metals placed in Heat Zone 1 for solid source growth
  • Low-T cold trap for residual sources

Contact Micro Photonics for more information at 610-366-7103 or info@microphotonics.com

  • Size: 90.5(W) x 70(H) x 30(D) inches
  • Designed for safety: Distinctive features for user safety in the research environment Full safety cabinet
  • Cost-effective: High-quality results and budget friendly
  • Gas Control: Up to 10 gases and 3 MO sources for gas-phase synthesis
  • Wide range of applications: 2D materials, TMDC, h-BN,
  • Fully computer-controlled programmable recipes
  • TCVD100 platform: Proven performance with ~100 systems and over 5 years of testing
  • Invited training for full sample preparation processes
TCVD-RF100CA Specifications
CVD Reactor
Tube type 4 inch diameter quartz
Substrate Size

Lateral insertion of 10mm to <4 inch wafers possible. (Loading frames for small samples)

Rolled metallic foils can be loaded to synthesize A4 sized or larger 2D materials


Dual-zone heater and controller for graphene/h-BN synthesis. Single-zone precursor heater and Dual-zone deposition heater for TMDC synthesis

The heaters are movable along two rails and the distance can be motor-controlled, enabling 10 degree C/sec or faster temperature change rate

Base Pressure
10-5 mbar (depending on the dryness of source)
Operating Pressure
10-3 mbar – 1 bar

Max 10 gas lines

Metal oxide sources of various transition metals placed in Heat Zone 1 for solid source growth

Other Metal Organic (MO) sources

Extra 3 Metal-Organic source injection ports are included

Low-T cold trap for residual sources

Flow Control

Precursor gases: -.1 – 10 sccm

Other gases: 10-1000 sccm

Automatic Flow control


Turbo pump 450 l/s (ISO160)<10-6 mbar

Dry scroll pump < 10-1 mbar

Sample Switching
Position switching by sample loading stage
System Control
Control PC system(12″ touch, dual core)

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