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    TCVD-50B Table-Top System

    Table-Top Thermal CVD System Achieving High Quality at a Low Cost 

    This compact benchtop CVD system offers lower cost while maintaining high quality synthesis of graphene. We recommend this system in particular for basic research labs, training, laboratory classes, or low-volume research samples.

    This benchtop system is space-saving and economical but still fully customizable. Its operation can be manual or semi-automatic, according to your needs and budget.

    To determine if this system is right for your research needs, or how to best customize it for your purposes, please contact us and our engineers will assist you to select and customize an appropriate instrument for your research or production applications.

    The TCVD-50B Benchtop Graphene Features

    • Manual or semi-auto control system
    • Optimized for Graphene, CNT, h-BN and TMDC growth
    • Compact Table-Top and Budget Friendly
    • Process temperature: ~1,100 degree C
    • Uniformity of Film Thickness: + or – 3%
    • Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating and fast cooling of the sample
    • Standard Safety box

    The TCVD-50B Benchtop Graphene Advantages

    Quality, Budget friendly table-top system that is customizable to your research needs.

    • Furnaces – Single (2 heating zones standard), double (3 heating zones), or a single with RF M/W Module
    • Chamber size – 2 inch (standard), 4 inch (available)
    • Pumping system – Oil type, dry scroll pump, or additional mechanical turbo pumps for required pumping
    • Gas Control Units – 4 MFC’s standard but able to equip up to 5 MFC’s

    Contact Micro Photonics for more information at 610-366-7103 or

    • Compact: Convenietly small footprint for the lab benchtop
    • Designed for safety: Distinctive features for user safety in the research environment
    • Cost-effective: Budget friendly and optimized for graphene, CNT, h-BN  and TMDC
    • Water cooling: Water cooled end chambers and doors
    • Wide range of a: ~1,100 degree C
    • Protective design from heat: yes
    • Uniformity of film thickness: +-3%
    • Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating and fast cooling of the samples
    TCVD-50B Customization

    Single – 2 heating zones (standard)

    Dual – 3 heating zones

    Single+RF M/W Module

    Chamber Size

    2 inch (standard)

    4 inch

    Pumping Unit

    Oil type rotary pump (standard)

    Dry scroll pump

    Additional: Mechanical turbo pump

    Gas Control Unit

    3 MFCs + 1 spare (standard)

    Up to 5 MFCs

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