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    Graphene Overview

    Graphene - The Next Wonder Material

    Graphene is a single layer of carbon based material (graphite) bonded in a honeycomb lattice.  Looking at the big picture, it is strange to think that Carbon, the sixth most abundant element on Earth, is viewed as the next wonder material.  The specific allotrope of Carbon is graphite, which has been used for generations.  Yet it wasn’t until 1947 when the first theory of Graphene was explored in order to understand the electronic properties of graphite. Since then it has taken nearly 60 years to cerate graphene by itself. In 2004 Andre Geim and Kostya Novoselov at The University of Manchester extracted single atomic layer of crystallites from bulk graphite.  In the last 12 years new methods for the synthesis of graphene have emerged with Thermal CVD leading the way creating the highest quality and largest sheet sizes with a lower cost ratio than any other method.  Now the first commercial instruments for graphene synthesis are on the market, ready to handle the research and development of this wonder material.

    Why is Graphene the next wonder material?

    In simple terms, it is transparent, flexible and has excellent electronic properties.  It has the potential to replace ITO (indium tin oxide) for uses in LCD, PDP, OLED displays and touch screens. The near future may see displays for your tablet, cell phones that are flexible, foldable and transparent.  It can also be used in atypical Si thin film solar cells, dye sensitive solar cells, transparent electrodes and for electromagnetic shielding.

    Graphene “the dream material” holds innumerable potential for applications from electronics, touch screens, medical devices, and more.  Most application areas are still in their infancy.  Since graphene is still a relatively new material, continuous research will uncover its immense industrial value for the revolution of next-generation electronics.

    Graphene Square has developed a range of low-cost, high-quality CVD instruments to fit any budget. With the patented technology, years of research and know-how and a desire to help bring the commercialization of graphene & new 2D materials, Micro Photonics and Graphene Square will be your partner for research and development.

    • Compact: Convenietly small footprint for the lab
    • Designed for safety: Standard safety box enclosure
    • Ability: Optimized for graphene, CNT, h-BN, and TMDC
    • Cost benefit: Budget friendly with high quality results
    • Unique quality: Movable furnace method is our unique knowhow for fast heating and fast cooling

    The ability to customize the system for your specific synthesis.

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