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Graphene is a single layer of carbon based material bonded in a honeycomb lattice. Looking at the big picture, it is strange to think that Carbon, the sixth most abundant element on Earth, is viewed as the next wonder material.

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Need Graphene support or service? Our range of solutions will help you continue to get the most from our Graphene products.

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benchtop CVD graphene

TCVD-50B Table-Top System

This compact benchtop CVD system offers lower cost while maintaining high quality synthesis of graphene. We recommend this system in particular for basic research labs, training, laboratory classes, or low-volume research samples.  Learn More

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TCVD-100A – Graphene and 2D Materials

This manually-controlled, adaptable, full-sized floor model system is designed for intensive research. It is a sophisticated and cost-effective CVD system that can be optimized for graphene, CNT, h-BN, and TMDC growth. This system can also be adapted for the synthesis of plasma enhanced (PECVD) or metal organics (MOCVD). A safety cabinet is built into all floor models.Learn More

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TCVD-RF100CA – RF/MW Module

An advanced system for the synthesis of TMDC’s, h-BN, CNT and other 2D materials. The system comes with an RF/MW module and furnace with dual heating zones. Expandable up to 12 MFC’s with separate automated control. Metal oxide ports and Mo bubbler and trap are available. It is optimized for the research and development of 2D materials with safety in mind.Learn More

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TCVD-RF100CA Premium Custom

Powerful, advanced, automated CVD system for TMDC’s and h-BN’s synthesis. A fully customizable system for the advanced research, development and production of future 2D materials including TMDC’s, h-BN’s, graphene and more. With full automation of the recipes, gas controls, and vacuum system this system is fully customizable to your production needs.Learn More

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TCVD-DC100CA – Dual Chamber System

Graphene Square introduces the future with the TCVD-D100CA. An advanced system for reliable growth of TMDC materials such as MoS2, WSe2, etc. The system is equipped standard with movable dual furnaces, enabling the fast heating and fast cooling of source materials and substrates which are important for synthesis of high quality TMDC’s.Learn More

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