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    MicroCT of a Stocking

    Image of the Month: Stocking – December 2014
    Inside the Stocking!

    Winter is here and as a holiday tradition many people hang stockings over the fire place. Kids love to try and get a sneak peak of what is inside. Therefore, at Micro Photonics, we found a solution to satisfy the kids’ curiosity by using our SkyScan 1173 microCT system. We scanned a small stocking to see what goodies were inside. Doing this as a kid would probably put you on the naughty list, so make sure not to tell the kids.

    Stockings being used during the holiday season began through an act of generosity by St. Nicholas. As the story goes, a family with three young women were on the brink of starvation. St. Nicholas wanted to help. Using his inheritance, he dropped a bag a gold into the stockings that were hung over the fireplace to dry. The women were then able to use the money for marriage to escape poverty 1, 2.

    Inside our stocking there is not gold but take a look at the images and take a guess as to what you think the items may be. A gift will be provided to you for the first person that guesses correctly. Click here to place your guess!

    Guess what is in the stocking!




    Scan Specifications:

    SkyScan 1173 Micro-CT



    Pixel Size

    Rotation Step:

    Scan Time

    NRecon, DataViewer, CTvox

    Micro Photonics Imaging Laboratory, Allentown, PA

    Courtesy of
    Brandon Walters, Micro Photonics, Laboratory Manager

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