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    Micro-CT Applications for the New Bruker SkyScan 2214

    The following examples illustrate benefits of Bruker’s new SkyScan 2214 High-Resolution Multiscale Nanotomograph for a wide array of applications. The SKYSCAN 2214 is the latest nanotomograph by Bruker, a pioneer of micro-CT technology, and is the most complete and versatile system on the market. The 2214 offers a large field of view for scanning larger objects at ultra-high resolution. It opens unique possibilities for 3D imaging and exact modeling for electronic assemblies such as the laptop computer shown below, geological materials in oil and gas exploration, composite materials, Li batteries and fuel cells, as well as for ex-vivo preclinical applications, as in lung imaging or tumor vascularization.

    Lung scanned on SkyScan 2214 at 3μm voxel size. Volume rendered 3D model with virtual cut.

    • Multipurpose system for samples up to 300 mm in diameter and resolutions down
      to 60 nm pixel size.
    • Unique X-ray source with <500 nm focal spot size.
    • Innovative modular design with up to four different, field-upgradeable detectors for ultimate flexibility.
    • System is supplied with an advanced gpu-accelerated reconstruction program that can be used for circular or helical scan trajectory reconstructions.
    • Distortion-free, exact reconstruction algorithm for helical scanning.
    • Almost maintenance-free system, reducing downtime and cost of ownership

    APPLICATIONS for the SkyScan 2214

    Geology, Oil & Gas Exploration

    Examples of geological applications for the SkyScan 2214 include high-resolution imaging of conventional and unconventional reservoirs; measuring pore size and permeability, grain size, and shape; calculating the distribution of mineral phases; and analyzing dynamic processes.

    Polymers & Composites

    The SkyScan 2214 can be used to study polymers and composites in the following ways: resolve fine structures with true 3D resolution <500 nm; assess microstructural architecture and porosity; and to quantify defects, local fiber orientation, and thickness.

    Batteries & Energy Storage

    Non-destructive 3D imaging of batteries and fuel cells can be done on the SkyScan 2214, and it can also be used to quantify defects; analyze anode and cathode structure; and to conduct dynamic experiments monitoring structural changes over time.

    Life Sciences

    Applications for the SkyScan 2214 include ng structures with true submicron resolution, such as soft tissues, bone osteocytes and dentinal tubules; artifact-free imaging of osteointegration of biomaterials and high density implants; and high-resolution characterization of biological samples, such as plants and

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