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    Micro-CT Applications for Quality Control in Food and Pharmaceutical Packaging

    • 29 May, 2018
    • Sumita Chandiramani
    • Micro-CT

    CREDIT: Showing micro-CT of a pharmaceutical device for quality control. Florine Hindelang, et al, Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Volume 108, 10 April 2015, Pages 38-48.

    Micro Computer Tomography for medical device and pharmaceutical packaging analysis

    Micro-CT allows 3D, non-destructive investigation of pharmaceutical packaging, helping meet growing needs to analyze the level of quality, safety and reliability of medical devices, and contributing to quality improvement. This article looks at numerous applications of Micro CT for verification of integrity, measurements, and defect detections.

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    Quality and safety of fresh horticultural commodities: Recent advances and future perspectives

    This overview of recent advances in shelf life extension for food packaging looks at the importance of fresh produce attributes such as appearance, texture, flavour and nutritional value, as well as the increasing importance of safety and traceability along the supply chain from the farm to consumer. Non-destructive techniques such as micro-CT are valuable tools for analyzing the quality of fresh produce along the supply chain.

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    Seeing is Believing: X-ray Computed Tomography for Quality Control

    This broad overview of the use of micro-CT for quality inspection and improvement emphasizes its capacity to evaluate dimensional information. With its ability to improve product quality, reduce inspection and analysis costs, and decrease manufacturing time to market, micro-CT is now being rapidly adopted in a variety of industries, including packaging of food and pharmaceuticals.

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