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    Micro-CT Applications for Organic Electronic Devices

    Micro-Computed Tomography Measurements in Electronics


    Previous methods of measuring deformations in electronic components and assemblies usually involved optical methods, which required cross-sectioning of the part to have access to the region of interest. Additionally, the measurements could be limited to the line of sight so that only the optically visible cut section could be measured. This overview, and additional articles on the site, discuss the use of micro-CT scanning for nondestructive measurement of displacements in electronics layers and interconnects,

    READ MORE on using micro-CT electronics measurements, from Pradeep Lall


    Micro/Nano-CT for Visualization of Internal Structures


    “High-resolution CT (micro-CT) has found increasing use in materials science for the evaluation of the internal structure of a variety of advanced materials for industrial applications. Knowledge of the micro-architecture of these materials is extremely important to better understand their performance.” The ability to investigate a volume in any direction and angle, revealing complex hidden structures within the object, is invaluable for failure analysis as well as product development of organic electronic devices.

    READ MORE on using micro-CT for studying internal structures, from Microscopy Today,

    Embracing the organics world


    “Displays for smartphones, coloured light sources, portable solar cells and curved television screens are just but a few examples of the increasing presence of organic electronics in our daily lives.” This article provides an excellent overview of organic electronics, their benefits and limitations at this time, and what the future holds for their many applications.

    READ MORE from this overview of organics electronic applications, from Nature.

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