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    Micro-CT Applications for Manufacturing Process Optimization

    Comparison of medical and industrial X-ray computed tomography for non-destructive testing

    Industrial micro-CT scanning is a laboratory-based non-destructive testing technique used in a variety of applications for samples ranging from 1mm to typicallty about 300mm in diameter. Micro-CT scanners are used for industrial non-destructive testing due to the superior resolution possible compared to medical CT scanners. This study demonstrates that medical CT can be useful for large numbers of samples that only require moderate resolution. Micro-CT remains the technology of choice for most industrial applications because of its superior resolution, but there is room for both methods in many industrial settings.. “This is the first direct quantitative comparison between industrial CT and medical CT reported in the scientific literature.”

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    X-ray micro-CT and digital-volume correlation based three-dimensional measurements of deformation and strain in operational electronics

    Until relatively recently, deformations in electronic components and assemblies have been measured using optical methods, which require the cross-sectioning of the solder joint to gain access to the joint of interest for the purpose of strain and deformation measurement. In addition to the invasive technique of cross-sectioning, the measurements were often limited to what was optically visible. This study looks at methodology to measure displacements in solder joints non-invasively using micro-CT scanning and digital volume correlation. This non-invasive approach allows for measurements not limited to the line of sight. These techniques can be used on light-emitting diodes and ball-grid array packages, among other applications.

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    A New Test Piece For Geometry And Defect Measurements With Micro-CT

    Micro-CT is an established method for quality control in industrial production. Quantitative information to measure geometry and defects can be obtained by measuring a calibrated test piece as a reference standard. This study utilized a test piece with similar properties to actual casting pieces and then presented a new test specimen for both dimensional measurement and defect detection with non-invasive micro-CT scanning. This procedure makes it possible to create test-pieces for which reference data for defect and dimensional measurements can be obtained. “A really quantitative analysis of the dimensional measurement is only possible with a reference data-set obtained by tactile measurements.”

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