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    Micro-CT Applications for Examining Corrosion in Metals

    Quantifying the degradation of degradable implants and bone formation in the femoral condyle using micro‑CT 3D reconstruction  


    Degradation or corrosion negatively affects magnesium alloys but previous evaluation methods for non‑traumatic in vivo quantification of implant degradation and bone formation have been imperfect. In this study, degradation was monitored by weighing the implants before and after implantation, and by performing micro-CT scans and histological analysis after 1, 4, 12, 24, 36, and 48 weeks of implantation. “The findings concluded that micro‑CT, which is useful for providing non‑traumatic, in vivo, quantitative and precise data, has great value for exploring the degradation of implants and novel bone formation.”

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    Identification of Pore Structure of Waterproof Sheet in Underground Engineering Based on Micro-CT Technology


    Micro-CT technology was used to study the microstructure of an Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer (EPDM) waterproof sheet in a corrosive groundwater environment. “3D reconstruction images were acquired, porosity and pore connectivity were calculated, the number and volume of pores in each equivalent diameter interval were counted, and the effect on the impermeability of waterproof sheet that the changes of pore structure had was analyzed.” The results showed that when there is a large difference in size among the pores, the largest pores will control the material impermeability. The conclusion of the study is that porosity and pore connectivity can be used as key indexes to the impermeability evaluation of waterproof sheets.

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    Identification of corrosion products and 3D distribution in reinforced concrete using X-ray micro computed tomography


    This study used non-destructive micro-CT scanning to monitor the formation and development of corrosion products in reinforced mortar. Iron oxides and iron hydroxides were studied in this research. The corrosion mechanism and interaction between different types of corrosion products was also investigated. The use of micro-CT offers a “new angle to investigate the formation and development of reaction products, which contributes to further understand the corrosion process in reinforced concrete.”

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    Effect of stress on corrosion of high-purity magnesium in vitro and in vivo


    Magnesium-based implants are subjected to complicated stresses during implantation in the human body. “In this study, in vitro and in vivo corrosion behaviors of HP Mg can be compared directly. The applied compressive stresses had no effects on corrosions of HP Mg in vitro and in vivo. The applied tensile stresses accelerated corrosions and caused SCC in vitro but did not affect the corrosions in vivo. This indicated that the same tensile stress could have different effects on corrosions due to in vitro and in vivo environments.” Before corrosion, intact Mg specimens were scanned using a microcomputed tomography system. This study offers insights into the analysis and design of Mg-based implants, as well as in the evaluation of Mg corrosion.

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