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    Micro-CT Applications for Analysis of Medical Devices

    Micro-computed tomography for the quantification of blocked fibers in hemodialyzers

    Micro-CT scanning is used to quantify coagulation in fibers of hemodialyzers for an accurate assessment of the thrombogenicity of dialyzers used during hemodialysis. The protocol allowed imaging at a resolution of 25 µm, making it possible to count the open, non-coagulated fibers in a non-invasive way. “Micro-CT scanning is a feasible, objective, non-invasive, accurate and reproducible tool for quantification of the degree of fiber blocking in a hemodialyzer after use, making it a potential gold standard for use in studies on fiber blocking during renal replacement therapies.”

    READ MORE on using micro-CT for industrial nondestructive testing, from Scientific Reports, Vanommeslaeghe, Floris, et. al., volume 8, article number: 2677 (2018).

    Comparison of medical and industrial X-ray computed tomography for non-destructive testing

    Micro-CT and medical CT were compared to investigate uses for nondestructive testing applications in manufacturing. The study demonstrated high accuracy of micro-CT scanning for all four test cases, while medical CT was useful when high resolution wasn’t needed. “Micro-CT provides a significant improvement in its ability to detect small defects, compared to traditional radiography, hence its growing use in industrial applications.”

    READ MORE on using micro-CT for industrial nondestructive testing, from Case Studies in Nondestructive Testing and Evaluation, du Plessis, Anton, et. al., volume 6, part A, November 2016, Pages 17-25.

    Micro Computer Tomography for medical device and pharmaceutical packaging analysis

    This article discusses the numerous applications of micro-CT for medical device and pharmaceutical packaging analysis. The samples investigated confirmed CT suitability for verification of integrity, measurements, and defect detections, nondestructively. The investigation looked a material/assembly checks; integrity checks; detection of defects inside mechanical devices; defect detection inside electronic devices; and defect detection of pharmaceutical packaging. The study concludes that micro-CT is a valuable tool that contributes to quality improvement along the manufacturing chain.

    READ MORE on using micro-CT for pharmaceutical device and packaging analysis, from the Journal of Pharmaceutical and Biomedical Analysis, Hindelang, Florine, et. al., volume 108, 10 April 2015, pages 38-48.

    Seeing is believing: X-ray computed tomography for quality control

    This article explores the uses of micro-CT for the evaluation of dimensional information in the manufacturing process. “With its ability to improve product quality, reduce inspection and analysis costs, and decrease manufacturing time to market, CT has attracted the interest of major manufacturing companies and is now being rapidly adopted in a variety of industries such as automotive, electronics, aerospace, medical devices, cast materials, injection molding, plastics, rubber, 3D printing (additive manufacturing), as well as many other industrial fields.”

    READ MORE on using micro-CT for quality control, from Quality Magazine, Villarraga-Gomez, Herminso, June 1, 2016.

    Related Article: Micro-CT for Pharmaceutical Applications: R&D, production, inspection, and failure analysis.

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