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    Micro-CT Applications for Additive Manufacturing Parts

    X-Ray Microcomputed Tomography in Additive Manufacturing: A Review of the Current Technology and Applications

    Micro-CT is  especially useful and accurate for dimensional measurement and porosity analysis of parts that are additively manufactured. This review looks at the methods used to apply micro-CT technology to additive manufacturing (AM), including new and specialized applications with examples. Discussion focuses on production issues such as “unwanted porosity from incorrect processing parameters or build conditions, surface roughness or other surface imperfections, deformation caused by residual stresses, and mechanical properties that are anisotropic,” emphasizing the need for careful testing.

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    The use of nano-computed tomography (nano-CT) in non-destructive testing of metallic parts made by laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing

    This study compares non-destructive nano-CT and micro-CT examinations of aluminum-based parts manufactured by laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing. The study compares the two systems for determining the extent of defect details (size and distribution of defects/pores), and found that nano-CT could provide excellent  information for effective characterization of AM-made parts to predict their strength/durability more reliably than micro-CT, which could not detect the defect details.

    READ MORE on using nano-CT to quantify AM parts made by laser powder-bed fusion additive manufacturing, from The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology.


    Understanding MicroCT for Additive Manufacturing

    “The applicability of microCT spans a large part of the overall AM process including characterization of feedstock powders, optimization of build process parameters, and inspection of as-printed or post-processed parts. With powders, microCT image data can be used to detect foreign particle contaminants as well as measure particle size and shape distributions and detect porosity internal to particles.” This brief article has good illustrative videos studying powder and porosity.

    READ MORE on general usage of micro-CT technology for AM, from the Digital Engineering.

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