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    Introducing Seth Hogg, Ph.D., Micro Photonics’ new Laboratory Manager

    We wish to welcome Seth Hogg, Ph.D., to his new position as Laboratory Manager. Seth has a unique background that makes him an excellent fit for this position, where he will be broadly responsible for managing our in-house micro-CT imaging lab services.

    In addition to managing our day-to-day micro-CT scanning services, Seth will be a key contact for customers seeking support with micro-CT instruments in their own labs, providing help with using the SkyScan software as well as responding to some queries regarding hardware. Seth states, “I look forward to interfacing with scientists around the country to learn their current projects and help find ways that micro-CT can support their research aims.” Seth is interested in the many ways micro-CT impacts the scientific discovery process. “I particularly enjoy the ability to visualize small features with three-dimensional details,” he says.

    Seth has a Ph.D. in Chemistry from Michigan State University, with a focus on polymer coatings for membranes, particularly those used for water purification. His Masters degree from the same institution focused on forensic chemistry, where he used electron microscopy to study gunshot residue. His article in the Journal of Forensic Science reports on his work studying non-toxic bullet residue and how it is differentiated from conventional gunshot residue.

    In Seth’s prior experience, he led 3D printing and in-house prototyping for PepsiCo at their Frito Lay site, where he used 3D printing and other rapid prototyping assets to assist in product and packaging development. He was part of the food packaging research team, where he worked to develop packaging solutions for new products with a focus towards environmental stewardship.

    It’s a family affair, as Seth and his wife Shana are both chemists. Shana teaches forensic science classes for Temple University, Thomas Jefferson University, and Arcadia University in her role with the Fredric Rieders Family Foundation at the Center for Forensic Science Research and Education. Both enjoy the outdoors, and as one might expect from two chemists, they both like to cook!

    Please join us in welcoming Seth to our team, and we hope you feel free to contact him at or call 1-866-334-4MPI (4674) with questions for technical support or for micro-CT lab services.

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