Micro Photonics Inc.

Micro Photonics offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in both materials engineering and the life sciences. Choose from a variety of techniques to enhance your research efforts.

Micro-CT Imaging

Non-Destructive Characterization. Micro-CT imaging offers a looking into the internal features of your specimen or material non-destructively. Micro-CT is ideal for a variety of pharmaceutical applications; from examination of tablets, life science studies in vivo on small animals or tissue specimens, to medical devices such as stents, implants, or delivery mechanisms.

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Digital X-ray Imaging

Image Analysis & Screening. A wide range of digital imaging options are available from Micro Photonics. Fully enclosed FDA rated X-ray cabinet systems are ideal for non-destructive testing and screening of small animal specimens to medical devices.

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X-ray Diffraction

R&D formulation, characterization & high throughput screening. A wide range of X-ray diffraction equipment for drug discovery, drug formulation of powders, liquids, polymers, and nano-particles. Micro Photonics offers instruments in powder diffraction with high-throughput screening, GMP software, and instruments for SAXS and SAXS-Calorimetry.

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