Micro Photonics Inc.

Micro Photonics offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the life science applications. Choose from a variety of techniques to enhance your research efforts.

Micro-CT Imaging

Bone Analysis. Through the use of non-destructive 3D micro-CT imaging a slew of quantitative parameters can be measure for bone analysis. Our CT Bone Analyzer program calculates and outputs in ASBMR format: Total Tissue Volume, Bone Volume, Percentage Bone, Bone Surface, Trabecular Thickness, Trabecular Separation, Trebecular Number, Cortical Thickness, Euler Number, and much more.

Soft Tissue Analysis. Longitudinal studies are possible with our in vivo micro-CT models. Segment tissues through the use of specially designed image processing tools for Region of Interest selection, advanced thresholding options, and custom macros for image processing. Unique gating features allow for analysis of lung tissue and cardiac modeling.

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Digital X-ray Imaging

Image Analysis & Screening. A wide range of digital imaging options are available from Micro Photonics. Fully enclosed FDA rated X-ray cabinet systems are ideal for in vivo screening of small animals or high resolution documentation of specimens.

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X-ray Diffraction

Drug and protein analysis. A wide range of X-ray diffraction instruments are available from Micro Photonics to study chemical crystal structure, protein structure, nanotubes, lipids, salts, and polymers for drug discovery, formulation, stability and dissolution.

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