Micro Photonics Inc.

Micro Photonics offers a wealth of knowledge and experience in the materials science applications. Choose from a variety of techniques to enhance your research efforts.

Micro-CT Imaging

Internal Feature Characterization. Through the use of non-destructive 3D micro-CT imaging a variety of materials properties can be determined. Our CT Analyzer program calculates volumetric parameters such as Total Volume, Object Volume, Percent Volume, and Surface Area-to-Volume Ratio as well as more advance outputs such as Porosity, Pore Size Distribution, Object Thickness, Object Separation, Anisotropy, and more.

3D Modeling . Three-dimensional models can be created from micro-CT data for further analysis. Output files can be rendered for importation into finite element analysis programs.

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Digital X-ray Imaging

Image Analysis & Screening. A wide range of digital imaging options are available from Micro Photonics. Fully enclosed FDA rated X-ray cabinet systems are ideal for non-destructive testing and screening.

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X-ray Diffraction

Crystal structure. Through the use of Single Crystal diffraction, the structure for small molecules and proteins can be determined. STOE’s advanced systems easily handle twinned and modulated structures.

Characterization. A wide range of systems are available to characterize powders, solids, liquid crystals, and polymers using powder diffraction and SAXS techniques. A combination SAXS-Calorimeter instrument combines structure analysis with DSC Calorimetry.

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