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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of Counterfeit Pharmaceuticals

    Figure 1: Photograph of known (left) and questioned (right) capsules Pharmaceutical counterfeits impact the intellectual property of the originator of the drug but also undermine the safety of the public. Because counterfeit drugs often contain only small amounts of the active ingredient, they can abate some symptoms but not fully cure or …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Concrete Analysis

    X-ray computed tomography characterisation of concrete, taken from a video showing the data processing that can be applied to X-ray computed tomography data obtained from concrete specimens. Credit: Henry Moseley X-ray Imaging facility, Manchester, U.K X-ray computed tomography characterisation of concrete ABSTRACT This video and related article demonstrate the effectiveness of the …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of Concrete

    Figure 1: Clipped 3D Volumetric rendering of concrete sample While the words concrete and cement are often used interchangeably in everyday conversation, concrete is actually a mixture of aggregate material (rocks, other filler) and cement. X-ray microscopy permits non-destructive examination of geological samples and construction materials, such as cement and concrete, for …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Analysis of Fibrous Filters

    Surface renderings of a micro-CT image of a filter sheet sample showing the fibres in red and the outline of the calculated sheet in transparent blue (box size = 4.0mmx2.5mmx0.4mm). Credit: Van Dalen, Gerard, et al, “3D imaging and analysis of fibrous filter sheets using X-ray microtomography and image analysis,” Conference: Micro-CT …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of a Multistage HEPA Filter

    With the global COVID-19 pandemic and the recent focus on preventing and limiting the spread of respiratory diseases, we chose to focus this month on the examination of multilayered air filtration media. The filter studied in this work is intended as a home HEPA filter capable of reducing contaminants in small rooms. …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Digitizing Biological Specimens

    (Above:) A neuropteran insect (genus Sisyra) showing musculature and general soft tissue morphology. Fixed in Bouin’s fluid and stained with I2E, scanned in ethanol. Virtual horizontal sections one voxel thick (top), and cutaway volume renderings (bottom). Muscles are especially clearly defined, and the complete penetration of iodine makes it more suitable than …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of Insect Flight Muscles

    Micro-CT imaging allows researchers to visualize both the internal and external features of an object without destroying the specimen, which makes this technique ideal for digitizing chemically-dried insect specimens. With micro-CT, valuable natural history collections can now be digitized while preserving the original objects. Micro-CT allows for high resolution examination of insect …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Product Development

    3D Micro-CT scan of a polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) film used as an excipient for the formulation of active agents in drug delivery systems. Credit; “Micro-Computed Tomography (Micro-CT) Analysis as a New Approach for Characterization of Drug Delivery Systems”, Kılıçarslan, Müge, et al, Micro-computed Tomography (micro-CT) in Medicine and Engineering. Springer, Cham, 26 …

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    Customer Feature: Micro-CT for Personal Hygiene Product Development

    Micro-CT has been found to be an effective tool for studying and contributing to improvements of consumer hygiene products such as tampons.  Tampons are typically made up of fibrous materials, including rayon and other natural and/or polymeric fibers, and are a key product in the world of women’s health and hygiene. The …

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    Micro-CT Examination of a Tree Mushroom

    Polypores are a group of fleshy fungi with pores or tubes underneath. Taxonomically, the polypores are complicated and not completely understood, with an amazing amount of morphological diversity. While many can be identified by their macro features and the host tree they are attached to, if a mushroom grows on a large …

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