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    X-ray Microscopic Comparison of Shark Denticles

    Figure 1: Photograph of 3D printed shark denticles extracted from micro-CT imaging data  Biomimicry of Shark Denticles Although it is commonly known that most fish species have scales, it may be less widely known that shark skin goes one step further with the presence of denticles more like teeth than traditional scales. While …

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    X-ray Microscopic Examination of the Coffee Roasting Process

    Figure 1: Photograph of beans moving from unroasted, to medium roast, to dark roast  Roasting coffee beans causes meaningful changes in their microstructure, such as the increase in total pore volume, porosity, and density due to the rupture of bonds in the internal structure of the coffee beans during roasting. These changes …

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    Micro-CT Applications to Study Porosity in Food

    Enhancing Micro-CT methods to quantify oil content and porosity in starch-gluten matrices Oil and porosity in fried dough were quantified in this study using micro-CT image analysis. “The objective of this study was to explore the potential application of different agents to enhance x-ray attenuation in fried starch-gluten products, quantify oil content …

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    Micro-CT Applications to Inspect Food Composition

    Micro-CT image of air bubbles in frozen ice cream showing segmented structure after thresholding and watershed segmentation of the sample. “X-ray micro-tomography to quantify frozen ice cream structure,” Alvarez, G., et al, 2015. X-ray micro-tomography to quantify frozen ice cream structure Ice cream processing affects the microstructure of fat, protein, air, and …

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    Micro-CT Examination of a Sandwich Cookie

    Figure 1: Clipped rendering of sandwich cookie with three individual filling layers Utilizing our SkyScan 1275 desktop micro-CT, we were able to quickly image a multilayered sandwich cookie, taking a virtual look within to investigate the distribution of the three filling layers and inclusions while resolving the fine structures and porosity of …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Inspection of Manufactured Parts

    3D reconstruction of a battery pouch cell in its fresh state (a); 3D reconstruction showing the pouch cell after overcharge-induced thermal runaway (b). Source: Investigating lithium-ion battery materials during overcharge-induced thermal runaway: an operando and multi-scale X-ray CT study, Finegan, Donal P. et al, 2016. Microcomputed tomography–based characterization of advanced materials: a …

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    X-ray Microscopic Inspection of an Electronic Cigarette

    Figure 1: Volumetric rendering of e-cigarette device E-cigarettes are battery-operated devices that heat a special liquid to produce an aerosol that users inhale. They come in a range of shapes, with some looking like USB drives and others looking like pens. Marketed as tools for quitting or cutting down on smoking, the …

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    Micro-CT Inspection of Yeast-Leavened Pizza Dough

    Figure 1: Volumetric rendering of yeast dough sample Density in bread and other porous foods is difficult to measure accurately, with true, apparent, and bulk being different types of densities based on how volume is measured. Predicting food density based on composition and processing conditions allows researchers to fill gaps in nutrient …

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    Micro-CT Applications for the Food Industry

    Micro-CT Examination of Sardines Packed in Oil The food processing and manufacturing industry utilizes micro-CT analysis in several ways, from studying the distribution of ingredients within products to inspecting finished packaging for foreign materials and checking product distribution within the packaging. Further, micro-CT allows researchers to study intact internal microstructure data non-invasively, …

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    Micro-CT Applications for Covid-19 Research

    Novel Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2, from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). Virologists and Lung Disease Specialists Commission Bruker´s Micro-CT for some of the World’s First in vivo COVID-19 Imaging Experiments Reprinted from the Lab Bulletin: Jul 27, 2020  |  author/source: Bruker Corporation Bruker’s BioSpin PreClinical Imaging Division reports the use …

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